Published On : Tue, Aug 19th, 2014

Cops bust gambling den; 11 arrested

anil bhiyaji raut(1)Nagpur News.

In a strategically planned crackdown, cops have conducted a raid on a gambling den in Bidipeth and arrested 11 gamblers and seized Rs 3.61 lakh cash and other material worth Rs 8.11 lakh. The raid was conducted between 1 am and 4 am on Tuesday.

Ishhu Sindhu Dcp zone -4

Ishhu Sindhu Dcp zone 4

The arrested gamblers have been identified as Anil Bhaiyyaji Raut (34), a resident of Bidipet; Milind Rambhau Dupare (42), a resident of Jagnade Square; Shahjar Khan Mohammad Khan (36), a resident of Thakur Plot; Vijendra Uttamrao Kewatkar (42), a resident of Jai Bhole Nagar; Sachin Uttamrao Nitnawre (32), a resident of old Bidipeth; Rizwan Khan Moinuddin Khan (32), a resident of Bidipeth; Dhanraj Punaram Kamble (48), a resident of old Bagadganj; Govnda Narayan Bhullo (52), a resident of Pachpaoli, Bangladesh; Umesh Mahadevrao Uikey (23), a resident of Narsala, Sambhaji Nagar; Vinod Kanhaiyalal Phulwani (40), a resident of Bagadganj; and Pravin Raju Pillai (18), a resident of New Bidipeth.20140819_131830

Cops have got a tip off of the ongoing gambling dens in Bidipeth area. However, cops adapted a different approach since last few raids and involved teams from other areas to conduct the raid. This prevented information from leaking and helped cops to nab the culprits red-handed. Internal sources from cops had informed them about the gambling den active in Bidipeth area and a trap was laid on Tuesday after which the raid was conducted and cops arrested 11 persons and seized Rs 3.61 lakh, 10 mobile phones, a four-wheeler, a Pulsar motorcycle, Scooty Pep, one sword, a duplicate gun, 60 bottles of beer, and some ornaments collectively worth Rs 8.11 lakh. The culprits were caught red-handed betting.575685_145373528966834_1301447777_n

The team led by Senior PI Karpe under the guidance of other senior officials. Later the accused were handed over to Sakkadara police who registered an offence and arrested all the 11 gamblers.