Published On : Mon, May 19th, 2014

Cop thrashed in police station by colleague’s wife

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In a freak incident falsifying tales of camaraderie between cops, a constable from the Kalamna police station was thrashed black and blue by a colleague from the same police station at around 6 pm Sunday.

Constable Nagorao Ingle is in the DB squad whereas Meghraj Tarde sees to the work of accepting applications. Both had got in to a dispute few days and even officials were aware of this.

At about 5.45 pm on Sunday Ingle reached the police station along with his wife and two sons. Ingle caught hold of Tarde and broke out at him with force throwing blind punches and kicks. Tarde also tried to fight off the onslaught after which Ingle’s wife and sons also joined into the free for all. Ingle’s wife continued to thrash Tarde even in front of the day officer. To Tarde’s surprise none of the officials and personnel watching the attack came forth to intervene. A large number of people were also present at the scene and gathered around to have glimpse of the drama.

Soon news of the attack spread and reached the ears of officials. Ingle’s wife then filed a complaint of misbehavior against Tarde after which he was taken for tests to the Government Medical College. Meanwhile, rumour has it that the reason behind the fight may have been distribution of cuts. According to information another dispute sparked off between them over monetary issues earlier as well.

Sources further informed that an assistant police inspector had even filed a complaint against Tarde sometime back. A report over the issue had been prepared and has been sent to deputy commissioner of zone 3 Sanjay Darade. The Kalamna police has been infamous for irregularities in the past.

Later Tarde also filed a complaint against Ingle for assault as well.