Published On : Mon, Feb 3rd, 2020

“Control Your Diet” says world champion Bodybuilder Sangram Chougule

Nagpur: “Often a bodybuilder with trainers says that we eat our favorite dish on a special day. But that has never happened to me. In my opinion there is no such concept as a special day (cheat day). You should eat only the food you love But, we need to control our diet. If you control your diet, you can exercise well even if you are consuming your favourite food.” Advised Sangram Chougule, Marathi actor and bodybuilder to all the emerging body builders, Who is a world champion and title of six time winner of Mr Universe, Mr India and Mr Asia in 2012 and 2014.

He was on a one-day visit to the inaugural function of the city’s newly opened Fitness Gym at Mate square on Sunday.

Talking to the reporters, Sangram further stretched on working on our own health is very important even at work as well. “At the time that all things can be done with the highest regard and honesty can be achieved by your gentle body. If you try through planning you will find success but the youth of this generation however have lack of planning which results in their success.”

“Today, fitness clubs have the most advanced and sophisticated equipment available for exercise using them certainly benefits, but it is most important to maintain your fitness while exercising each one”., He further continued. “If you see this failure as a study, then no competition is difficult”, he opined. The Extra Edge Fitness Gym, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, appreciated and wished him the best for the future.

Take the guidance of trained trainers
Many people want our body to be slim but not knowing what to do for it, the thoughts keep accumulating in their head. They should go to the gym and work hard under the guidance of a trained trainer to focus completely on their goals, using regular technique and regular workouts. All of this is difficult, but not impossible.

Before rushing to lift heavy weights, you should first start exercising for muscle strengthening, stretching, warmup and warm-up sessions should be done before workout. Proteins should be taken with the advice of trainers to increase muscle size and strength also the bodybuilders should be carnivores and especially must eat eggs and beans.

Progess depends on hardwork
Sangram also expressed the sincere belief that if the yogis use the qualities of discipline, proper diet, time management, diligence and stubbornness towards health then they can become great yoga practitioners in future. Therefore keep your eyes persistent and stubborn that it does not hinder your financial situation. The progress of fitness depends only on the hard work.