Constructed from ‘Scrap’ to adore Nagpur, ‘scrapped out’ due to negligence!

With an aim to make judicious use of scraps, Nagpur Municipal Corporation had conducted a sculpture competition last year in which participants had to make sculptures using the scraps. The event was conducted with an assurance that it will not only recycle the accumulated wastes but the statues will also be used to adore the city.

However, instead of the city these sculptures are still embellishing the Factory Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. It is to be mentioned here that junk mounted up in NMC office for years was not being used and rather it was often being purported to be stolen.

For managing the junk in a judicious manner, Shravan Hardikar, former NMC Commissioner, came up with an innovative strategy to use the scrap for making sculptures. Later, with joint efforts of Hardikar and then former mayor Praveen Datke, a competition was organised. In the competition, 14 scrap artists from various cities had participated and constructed the sculptures at NMC’s workshop premises situated at Great Nag road.

Although, it was a part of the initiative that the sculptures will be established at various spots in the city, none of them have been established so far. The tenure of both the officers is over and the current administration does not seem to be interested in taking any step in the required direction.