Published On : Tue, May 10th, 2016

Constable assaults wife with iron rod

Cops of Hudkeshwar Police station try to save constable: attempt to diffuse the case

: In another ghastly incident, a very chauvinist Police Constable identified as  Devendra Madhukar Shende posted at Mauda Police Station had assaulted his wife with an iron rod. The elder brother (brother-in-law) Maruti Shende and his wife (sister-in-law) Kalpana Shende are alleged to have held the victim while the accused Police Constable is said to have assaulted the victim.

According to sources, the victim identified as Priti Devendra Shende aged and a resident of Kirnapur Village falling within the jurisdiction of Hudkeshwar Police Station had fallen in love with the accused Police Constable identified as Devendra Madhukar Shende who was then posted at Umred Police Station some 4-5 years ago. She got married to him in 2010. Everything was honky dory for the first two years. However, things started turning ugly when the accused Police Constable Devendra started showing his real colours and started beating her on the slightest provocation. Everyday family quarrels and fighting ensued.

In the year 2014, the accused Police Constable Devendra had taken away all her things and clothes and had beaten the victim Prity badly. The victim Priti had gone and complained with Umred Police Station. However, the cops there did not take any action against the erring accused Police Constable Devendra and sent the victim Priti home after a slight warning to the constable.

At that time too the victim had approached the Social Worker identified as Nutan Rewatkar had suggested the victim to take a divorce. But the victim Priti had filed a petition in the court saying that she wants to live with him only. A case under section 498 was registered against the accused Police Constable in the year 2014.

However, on May 8, 2016, all hell broke loose for the victim. Depressed over the regular quarrels and beatings, the victim Priti Devendra Shende had gone to the house of a friend of her father identified as Gulabrao Dhande. The house was situated right behind the victim’s house. She was speaking to the elderly Gulabrao Dhande when the elder brother (brother-in-law) Maruti Shende and his wife (sister-in-law) Kalpana Shende are alleged to have come there and after abusing Gulabrao Dhande with very vulgar abuses had started beating the victim. Meanwhile the sister-in-law of the victim Kalpana Shende is alleged to have called the accused Police Constable Devendra Madhukar Shende and informed him. The accused Constable Devendra is alleged to have arrived at the house of Gulabrao Shende and had allegedly kicked the victim in her stomach so badly that she went reeling down.

Then after shouting very vulgar and abuses at Gulabrao Dhande had held the hair of the victim and had dragged her out of the house to the road. While the elder brother (brother-in-law) Maruti Shende and his wife (sister-in-law) Kalpana Shende allegedly held down the victim by holding her hands, the accused Police Constable is said to have assaulted the victim with an iron rod, injuring her right next to the left eye-brows. Meanwhile sister-in-law of the victim Kalpana Shende is alleged to have brought a piece of a granite slab and assaulted the victim Priti Shende on her chest.

Somehow the victim extricated herself from the clutches of the attackers and ran to the police station. There, instead of registered her complaint, the cops called the constable who too reached the police station. The cops were busy taking the complaint of the attacker Constable. The cops had attempted to diffuse the matter and tried their level best to avoid registering a complaint against their colleague.

The victim then called the Social worker identified as Nutan Rewatkar. When the social worker started telling the cops how the law requires the cops to register a complaint of the woman victim first, and if they are not doing so she threatened to call the Commissioner of Police. That worked and the cops immediately told the victim to get a medical examination done. This delay made the cops to take the victim for medical examination at around 6 pm. The hospital authorities retained her till 12 midnight. After that the cops of Hudkeshwar Police Station asked the victim to come to police station the next day to lodge a complaint. Had the social worker not intervened, the cops of Hudkeshwar Police Station were very reluctant to register a complaint against the accused Police Constable. After the intervention the cops registered a complaint on May 9, 2016.

The cops of Hudkeshwar Police Station have registered a case under Sections 324, 323, 294, 506 (B), 507 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.

If this is not enough, the accused Police Constable Devendra Shende had gone and threatened the entire Kirnapur Village residents and Gulabrao Dhande not to interfere in his business and not to be a witness for his wife. If they turn up as witnesses, he threatened to implicate them in false cases.