Published On : Wed, May 4th, 2022

Connected Machines: An Insight into Future Technologies

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the world in more ways than one. When one speaks about the growth and development of a country, it is only possible if a good amount of revenue is generated. Therefore, every other country across the globe is investing in upgraded and top-class technology that fetches better results and productivity rates.

The onset of digitization has had a massive impact on how technology functions, especially in the electrical and industrial sectors. In this article, we will focus on the basic principle, definitions, and advantages of connected machines and how they contribute toa better future.

In simple words, connected machines or devicescan be referred to as systems that seamlessly connect with one another via the internet. They are equipped to span all the information from computing hardware like desk stops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, smartphones and more.

So, in other words, connected machines expand from cooling and heating systems and household appliances to fitness monitors. Below we have mentioned some of the many features and characteristics of connected machines:

  • Connected machines can communicate via Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
  • Connected machines have the advantage of being controlled and monitored remotely.
  • They are usually integrated with high-functioning sensors that allow streamlining of real-time operations with minimal human intervention.
  • Also, these machines keep track of the total number of operational hours, equipment movements, temperature, fuel consumption and more.
  • If operators are efficiently trained to work with connected machines, it can drastically enhance the efficiency and productivity rates of an industry.

For better comprehension, we have listed some of the many inspiring examples of connected machines and technology that have altered the way people function in their daily lives:

Connected Technology in Agricultural Sector

The agricultural field is primarily associated with human labour. However, advanced technology is making its way through almost every sector of society. Since everyone today carries a smartphone with effective internet connectivity, it has made the world much more aware and connected.

Similarly, farmers have also incorporated connected technology into their daily functions to yield effective results. With different types of sensors maintaining and measuring tasks like harvesting, water consumption levels, and soil quality, farmers get an immense amount of help to prevent their crops from decay and degradation.

Health Monitors

Connected machines are making their way in the medical world too. In order to provide patients with best-in-class treatments, clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions invest in top-notch equipment and instruments.

Nowadays, patients wear smart patches that allow doctors to have an insight into remote readings of multiple health indicators. From keeping track of heart rates to respiratory rates, ECGs, and body temperature, connected devices like smart patches have proven to be instrumental in the health sector.

Smart Homes

Today, people prefer investing in smart homes over traditional houses. In simple words, a smart home is equipped with connected machines and technology that makes the house more interactive.

In addition, with equipment and devices like smart bulbs, smart fridges, and smart fridges, smart houses also help save a considerable amount of money on utility bills by reducing the energy consumption levels of the house.

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