Published On : Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Congress led farmers’ “Halla Bol” morcha on the first day of Winter Session in Nagpur

Congress to boycott customary tea party


Nagpur:  President of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee MLC Manikrao Thakre while addressing a press-meet on the eve of Winter Session claimed that Congress Party is going to lead a farmers’ “Halla Bol” on the first day of Winter Session.

While addressing the media personnel, Manikrao Thakre said that since this is the first Assembly of the BJP Government, important issues should be discussed at length. He added that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ absence for the traditional or customary ‘Tea Party’ is an insult to the opposition. Congress party will be boycotting the Tea Party which is slated to be hosted by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Girish Bapat. Manikrao Thakre claimed that this is a blot on the Democracy.

Manikrao Thakre added that Maharashtra led by CM Fadnavis is repeating what was happening in Gujarat which was then ruled by Narendra Modi. The values and principles of democracy were violated there.

Package demanded for farmers

Manikrao alleged that the Chief Minister is not serious about various pressing issues, especially about Farmer’s Suicide issue. He claimed that the BJP led government is not doing anything. They demanded a favourable package for the farmers. According to him, the Congress Government has sent a written proposal demanding a package of Rs 25,000 per hectare for normal farmers and Rs 50,000 per hectare for fruit farmers. He added that nearly 80% of the villages in Maharashtra are facing drought. This package alone will allay the plight of the farmers.

While explaining this in detail, he said that the crops in Vidarbha were destroyed by hail-storms or lack of adequate rainfall, while the farms in Konkan were destroyed by excessive rains or flood like situations. Varied amount of rainfall has harmed crops in different areas. Therefore an appropriate package will alone allay the plight of farmers.

Manikrao Thakre also added that neither the Central Government nor the State Government has taken cognizance of the drought hit areas in Maharashtra nor has it even considered giving any package. The CM is claiming that a Committee from Central Government will arrive and after studying the situation will decide on the amount / quantity of the package.


Manikrao Thakre alleged that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis displayed insensitivity by not even visiting the Dalit families who were killed by upper caste people in Javakheda in a very cruel and inhuman manner. He did not even get time to send someone to assess the case.


The BJP leaders used LBT as a hot issue to woo the traders and business community. They made all allegations against Congress Government. However, they have failed to abolish the LBT even after 38 days of their coming to power. They had promised the traders that they will abolish LBT within a week of their coming to power.


Manikrao also alleged that many rural areas do not get adequate power. The power companies allegedly claim that the Transformers have blown out. So instead of recovery, the BJP should ensure that Transformers are affixed first and later recover the bills.

Loan waiver

When Congress was in power, it did waiver farmers’ loans to a great extent. This government has not even spoken of farmers’ loan waivers. They do not have any plans or policies in that direction too, Manikrao alleged.

He said that keeping all this mind, Congress party had staged Dharna raising various issues of Farmers on November 1 and 2. On November 4, 2014, they had planned for Rasta Roko Andolan (Road Blocking Agitation), however, due to untimely demise of former Congress leader and former Maharashtra CM A R Antulay; the agitation had to be cancelled.

To be or not to be…

Manikrao Thakre claimed that we are definitely going to be the opposition party, though the stand of NCP is not certain as yet. They make varied statements at various times. They may even take a stand to be pro-BJP too. It will all depend on the Speaker of the Assembly, to decide on the opposition. As of date, Maharashtra does not have any opposition party.