Published On : Fri, Jun 28th, 2013
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Congress leaders in Nagpur tight-lipped over Kunal’s unruly act ; Others condemn outright

Nagpur News: Maharashtra’s Minister for Employment Guarantee Scheme Nitin Raut had to see red in his face owing to his son and general secretary of State Youth Congress Kunal’s recent scuffle with laborers and forest department officials on his way to Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.
Kunal and his friends beat up workers at toll booth and forest rangers near Pipariya and in return too were thrashed. The infamous public behavior of Kunal has brought a big shame to the party cadres. Though Kunal along with his companions has been sent to jail for his devil may care attitude, eyebrows were being raised from various quarters in Nagpur about Kunal’s sanctity as a leader. However Congress leaders choose to keep mum over the issue, many other leaders condemned Kunal’s act tooth and nail.
Nagpur Today spoke to the prominent political figures of Nagpur and get them to have their say on the recent face of hooliganism within young party leader.
State Congress President Manikrao Thakre said, “We are looking into the matter and trying to find out the details about the incident.”  However, he said that any such behavior of party man would not be supported at all.
While Congress MP from Nagpur Vilas Muttemwar refused to comment over the matter, State BJP Chief Devendra Fadnavis termed it as unfortunate saying, “Any leader in public life should maintain some decorum and ethics. I think his party will take cognizance of this.” When asked if such a person is eligible to remain on the post which Kunal is currently serving he said, “In my party I will not tolerate this and now it is up to his party ethos to decide.”
Ramtek MLA Ashish Jaiswal had previous tryst with the absurd behavior of Kunal. He said, “Kunal has that bent of mind that he often involves in fight and scuffle. Previously, he did similar thing in my constitution also. He had then bought a farm land in Parseoni and fell large number of trees illegally. Police took no action then.” Commenting on his stature as a leader, he said that Congress should think seriously about continuing him on the post. “Yeh sab satta ki masti chadhi hai” (Power has gone into their heads), he quipped.
Nagpur South MLA Dinanath Padole said whatever happened is completely not justified and the son of any public representative should not be doing all this. “But human nature differs from person to person. Whatever he has done, he would have to face the consequences. Such actions should be avoided in future.”
A Senior Congress leader chose not comment anything in this regard. He said, “Achcha nahi lagta comment karna. Ek hi party ke hein. Abhi spare karo phir kisi mudde per baat karenge.” (It doesn’t look nice to comment over this as we are from same party. Please excuse us this time. I will comment on any other issue for sure.)
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Divisional Organiser (East Vidarbha) Hemant Gadkari criticized Kunal saying that this was not the first time that he was found to be involved in such hooliganism. “It is blatant abuse of power. Being a son of the person who holds an important rank in his party and portfolio in the cabinet, it is sheer shame on his part to indulge in such activities. Earlier also Kunal created ruckus on WHC road in Nagpur but every time he got out of the action using his political clout,” Gadkari said.
He said, “It is irony on the part of Congress that such a person is serving an important position in party’s youth wing. He should be immediately removed from this post as he does not deserve the designation.”
Former NMC Standing Committee Chief Dayashankar Tiwari minced no words in criticizing Kunal for his misdemeanor. He opined that it was in the culture of Congress to demonstrate act of hooliganism. “We strongly condemn such an act but it is their party’s culture. While senior Congress leader Anees Ahmed messes up with workers at toll booth at state level, their youth leader is taking it to inter-state level. Any leader, irrespective of whichever party he belongs to, he should cooperate with the government employees instead of thrashing them up. A more fitting example to Congress’ ill functioning is that despite the involvement of Kanhimozhi and A. Raja into corruption, Congress supported their elevation to Rajya Sabha. This clearly shows that what common people and society considers as corrupt and malpractice, Congress deems it merit for their leaders. So it would not be a surprise if Kunal continues to serve the post in the later course,” he said.
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