Published On : Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Concretization of roads: A threat to Green City Nagpur’s greenery

Nagpur: The concretization of roads under process in Nagpur has had adverse impacts on the flora density of Nagpur. Several mature trees have been chopped down and roots of several of them have been concreted restricting their growth. Under the same, hundreds of trees have been affected.

In order to allow the penetration of rain water to the roots of plants, it was directed to leave some area around the trees. However, the same has been overlooked and we can see a large numbers of trees around which there is no space for watering. The lack of water has weakened the trees and they might fall with the force of wind. The irony is that Nagpur is known as Green City due to its tree density and the administration is overlooking the second most renowned identity of Nagpur after Oranges.

On one hand, government is spending bulk of money on advertising for protection and plantation of trees and on the other it remains tranquil on taking any action for the very reason it is advertising for. The Chief Engineer had released a notice to construct a Paver block near the trees. Later, the circular for concretization was released which is having an adverse impact on trees.

“There is no use of constructing paver blocks after concretization as the water will not reach the roots of the trees”, said Kaustubh Chatterjee, Founder, Green Vigil. “At least one meter space should have been left for water penetration which has not been done. It is very important to water plants as the ground water level has decreased”, he added. He has also stated that development must be done but not at this cost.