Published On : Sat, Jan 24th, 2015

Con Liaison: Two persons conned by tricksters again in two separate incidents


In spite of newspaper reports almost every-day about somebody or the other getting duped by tricksters and conmen, people still display their gullibility by getting conned by tricksters in the city.

Lured by con-story of doubling investment
In the first incident which occurred in Jaripatka, the accused lady identified as Kanak Mishra a resident of plot No 124, Omnagar, Jaripatka, Nagpur had spread a con-story that one gets to double their investments. She contacted the victim identified as Shalini Moreshwar Dhote aged 43 years and a resident of Plot No 11, Nara Nagpur and other women in the area and allegedly claimed that their investments can be doubled in Kanak Fund. The gullible women too got convinced by her cock-and-bull story and invested an amount collectively amounting to Rs 5, 60,800/- (Rs. Five lakhs sixty thousand eight hundred).

However, the victim Shalini and other women did not get any returns on their investments even after the stipulated period claimed by the accused. The victim complainant and other women approached the accused and demanded their money back. At this, the accused did not show any remorse for her ill-deed, rather scolded them using abusive and vulgar words for demanding their money back. To add to that she also threatened the victims of fraud that she will get them enmeshed in some criminal case.

However, when she did not yield and return their money back, the victim Shalini Dhote lodged a complaint with Jaripatka Police Station against the accused.

On the basis of Shalini Dhote’s complaint Police Sub Inspector Dubal of Jaripatka Police Station registered a case under section 420, 406, 504 and 506 of Indian Penal Code against the accused Kanak Mishra. PSI Dubal is since investigating the case further.

Lured by fake job offer
In the second case, a youth was lured by three tricksters through his e-mail and lured him showing attractive job offer. They then went on to dupe him by asking him to pay VISA processing fees in their account.

The victim identified as Ajit Tukaram Mone aged 23 years and a resident of Plot No 210 B, Bharat Town, Opposite Khusboo Lawns, Kamptee Road, Nagpur received a mail from three accused. The accused are identified as (1) Peter Beckam, (2) Priyanka and (3) Sameer Khan Ashraf Khan Pathan. The three accused connived together and contacted the victim Ajit Mone on his email claiming to the members of the management of a reputed Hotel in London. The accused had allegedly contacted the victim through a mail id

The accused allegedly lured the victim by claiming to offer a fancy job in the Hotel in London. The accused also sent an appointment order to the gullible youth on his e-mail. The accused then went on to ask the victim to deposit VISA processing fees amounting to Rs 61,000 (Rs sixty one thousand) into the ICICI Bank Account of the third accused (Sameer Khan Ashraf Khan Pathan).

However, when the victim did not receive any correspondence further, he checked only to find that he has been conned.

The victim Ajit Money lodged a complaint with Sadar Police Station against the accused trio. On the basis of the complaint lodged by the victim, Police Sub Inspector Gaja of Sadar Police Station registered a case under Sections 420 and 34 of Indian Penal Code along with sections 66 (A), (B), (C), (D) of Information Technology Act against the accused trio. The Sadar Police are investigating into the case.

Representational pic

Representational pic