Published On : Tue, Sep 28th, 2021

Comply with GST provisions on periodic basis – Shri V D Kamthewad

It has been 4 years since the introduction of GST law. Since then there have been a lot of changes and modifications in GST law. To make the members aware of latest amendments as well as to equip them with changing procedural requirements, Nagpur Branch organized a 3 days Advanced Refresher Course on GST with expert speakers from the city.

“Accountability of not only the assessee but also of GST Officers increased” remarked Shri V D Kamthewad, Joint Commissioner of State Tax (Admin) and Addln Comm of State Tax (Nagpur Division) while speaking as Chief Guest on the occasion. A lot of modifications and measures have been taken by the GST council for easing out the law provisions which includes amendments in ITC and negative list. Government is working hard to make things transparent and automatic. The procedural aspects have to be complied in a timely manner so that it becomes a win-win situation for both the Department as well the Taxpayer. Shri Kamthewad said that Corona had made things difficult for businesses and the general public. He pointed out that the State Department has completed more than 10000 assessments in times of Corona. VAT assessments related to the previous period are still in process.

He urged that young CA’s should come forward for doing practise in Appeals and Tribunals. He congratulated CA Saket Bagdia and his team for taking efforts in organizing a meaningful workshop on advanced Refresher course on GST. Shri Kamthewad, being himself an avid marathon runner, appealed to professionals in practise to take special care of health. He urged “Be systematic and you will be able to do everything because Work life Balance is very essential”. One should avoid haste and should try to do work methodically.

“Chartered Accountants have ensured the implementation of GST law in our Country which has changed the entire face of our economy” said CA Saket Bagdia, Chairman, Nagpur Branch of ICAI. The law when introduced was very nascent and had many provisions which needed to be understood, interpreted and then advised the clients to follow which has been done in the best manner by Chartered Accountants all over the country. GST law practise is the basis for many Chartered Accountants and the assessee is able to comply with law provisions with expert advice from CA’s. With increase in assessments and litigations, it’s very essential for professionals to regularly update themselves of changing provisions. It was with this object that Nagpur Branch planned an advanced GST refresher course for the benefit of members.

The 3 day refresher course was attended by a large number of Chartered Accountants. Expert Speakers on the topics deliberated on topics of interest for the benefit of members. CA Prateek Gupta explained about registration issues and intricacies in Time and Place of Supply provisions. The issues in Input Tax Credit and latest pronouncements were explained by CA Preetam Batra. The issues in RCM, Export Refunds and complexities in GST applicable on Works Contract and Real Estate Industry were explained lucidly by CA Ritesh Mehta and Issues in Annual Returns, audits and procedural issues were made understood to participants by CA Kunal Budhraja. With increasing assessments and departmental audits, reply to SCN and how to face search and survey were explained nicely by CA varun Vijaywargi. The queries of all participants were answered nicely by all learned speakers in a panel Discussion organized on the last day.

The session was coordinated by CA Sanjay Agrawal, Secretary, CA Jiten Saglani, Vice Chairman, CA Akshay Gulhane, Treasurer, CA Kirit Kalyani, Immediate Past Chairman and CA Suren Duragkar, Past Chairman.