Published On : Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Coming Soon: A road connecting Swaminarayan Temple to proposed Children’s Park

Nagpur: In a bid to promote sightseeing and providing hang out spots nearby, construction of a road joining Swaminarayan Temple to proposed Children’s park is being considered by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. An acquisition, for the same, under section 37 (1) Of Land Acquisition Act will soon be carried out.

As states the received information, Swaminarayan Temple was constructed in the exterior of Ring Road. The temple has gained immense popularity in central India. On opposite of the temple i.e. interior of the Ring Road, construction of a Children’s Park is approved in an area of 8 acres. It is being planned to connect the park directly to temple.

“We are planning to construct a 300×18 metre road to connect the sights. As it was not a prior plan nor the land was reserved, around 15-18 people possess plots here”, informed BJP Corporator, Dharampal Meshram. “Thus, the land will be acquitted under section 37 (1)”, he added. The road will be beneficial for the visitors to visit both the spots.