Published On : Wed, Feb 4th, 2015

Coming late in the day Rahul joins the Delhi fray

rahul-gandhi-1Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi  has at last emerged as the Delhi election campaigning is reaching its climax and spoke on a number of people, including Jayanthi Natarajan. He was addressed a rally in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area earlier in the day today .

Replying to Jayanthi Natarajan’s personal allegations against him for the first time, Rahul Gandhi said he had asked her to protect the rights of tribals. “I told Jayanthi Natarajan that you have to protect the environment, tribals and poor, I am not scared of it. I am in public life to fight for these people and I will do it till my last breath. There is nothing I have to hide about my intentions” he said. He gave the rest of her questions – like why she was asked to resign and why her name was later vilified a wide berth.

Attacking Modi, Rahul said,”Modi made many promises during the Lok Sabha polls. I said one man alone can’t change India. Since Modiji became PM only 4 – 5 of his rich industrialist friends have benefited but no benefit has come the way of the common man”.

Rahul also brought up the suit Modi wore on Republic Day, which had his name all over, Rahul said, PM wears suit worth Rs 10 lakhs, and even that is not made in India, it is made in UK, and he speaks of “Make In India. You voted for Mr Modi in Delhi in the Lok Sabha elections. Did your lives change? He asked people. He reminded people  that when  the UPA government  was in power in Delhi, the international prices of fuel/barrel was very high at $140. It has now come down to $40 per barrel. “Has the prices dropped so much for you?” He asked.

Rahul did not spare Kejriwal either. He said this man made big promises to auto riksha wallahs and others. But he let them all down. He also accused Modi and Kejriwal of only being interested in fanning communal conflict and disharmony.