Colorful voter identity card to be availed to 46 lakh voters in the state

The barcode is included in a colourful PVC card, Besides EPIC card, 11 more documents will be valid for voting

Nagpur : Election Commission of India has started issuing new colour card (Voter ID card) to voters for Lok Sabha elections. As the voters have demanded new voter ID card, close to 46 lakh voters in the state will get this new identity card and more than half of the voters have been given their identity cards at their residences. Special efforts are being made by the election authorities to avail the voter ID card to remaning voters before the poll (voting).

The names of voters must be in the voters’ list for the Lok Sabha elections. To claim the right to vote on a voting day, there must be a Electoral Photo ID Card-(EPIC-ID card) with thevoter. Election Commission of India has given identity card to every voter for this. Earlier, computer printed black cards were given. But now it is attractive and colorful polymorising vinyl chloride (PVC) card is given. The citizens, who don’t have such cards, will need to make application for it.

The new identity card is given by the booth level officer (BLO) at the Voter’ residence or the identity card is given in the respective office. In the change of name, address, change in the name after the marriage of the voter among other reasons, an application can be made for new identity card. After making the application, citizens are given new identity card.

The appearance of the new identity card

Till this year, new cards of 46 lakh voters have been made and given it for distribution among the voters. A total of 98 percent voters of the total applicants, who had made applications for new identity card, have been issued the new identity cards. In 2014, it was 94 percent. The identity card contains the information of the voter’s name, photo, date of birth, address, gender and specific identification number of the voter. Apart from this, the barcode is also given to the identity cards in order to curb a fake identity card. Although this identity card was made from PVC, but it is not a smart card.

11 documents needed for voting

In order to cast the vote, if the voter does not have election ID card of the election commission of India but his/her name is in the voter list, in such situation, the commission has allowed to acknowledge of valid 11 kinds of identity cards in order to the citizens to exercise the voting rights. It includes passport , drivering license, photo identity card (state / central government, public enterprises, public limited identity card), bank passbook with photo, PAN card, Smart Card issued under National Population Register (NPR) by Revenue Generation Index (RGI), MNREGA card, Health smart card issued by labour ministry, pension documents with photograph, cards issued by MP / MLA and Aadhar card.

If EPC card has not been received …

The voters, who have not received Epic card, should contact the nearest Voter Help Center. Guidance is provided to get the identity card. In addition to this, the guidance is given on how to obtain the identity card of the Election Commission of India over 1950 toll free number, which was started to give all types of information to the voters.