Published On : Thu, Sep 11th, 2014

Collector warns Late Latif officials, employees to mend the ways or face the harshest music

photoNagpur News: The Late Latif officials and employees of Collectorate who are found to be habitually late in reaching office would face the harsh music tuned by District Collector Abhishek Krishna. From September 15 onwards, all the officials and employees will have to register their attendance in office on biometric machines. Those officials and employees whose attendance is found not registered in biometric machines will be marked absent and would not be paid a day’s salary and allowance. The Collector Abhishek Krishna cracked the whip on late-comers at a meeting held on Tuesday.

The Collector was annoyed after receiving a deluge of complaints regarding late-coming of officials and employees who were also found taking prolonged lunch breaks. The late-coming was highlighted by several local newspapers as well. Taking cognizance of the reports, the Collector held a meeting all the Heads of Departments and directed them to ensure attendance dot on office timing. Similarly, the Collector directed the officials and employees to display their nameplates and posts prominently in accordance with the Government Gazette issued on May 7, 2014. Non-compliance of directives by officials and employees would attract stern action, warned the Collector.

Hundreds of citizens visit Nagpur Collectorate for their various works. But in the absence of nameplates, the citizens found it difficult to approach the particular officials or employees. Now, the onus lies on the officials and employees to improve the ambience of the workplace and punctuality, the Collector said.