Published On : Sat, May 30th, 2020

CoinSwitch is the best Crypto Trading Platform in India: Read to know more


Cryptocurrencies have changed the face of currencies in the world. They have modified the currencies from physical to digital. Moreover, with the increasing dependence on digital payment, more people are investing in them. India is one of the few countries in the world, which has shown rapid growth in crypto trading. However, not all platforms offer you the same services. Each platform offers unique services. Some platforms are well-reputed to buy Bitcoin in India.


However, companies like CoinSwitch are well reputed for an all-rounded service. In this blog, we will discuss various factors that make CoinSwitch the best Crypto Trading Platform in India.


Whenever we go to a website, we expect it to be easy to scroll through. We all look for a website that is easy to understand and use. Similarly, we all look for a trading platform that is easy to use. CoinSwitch offers a great user-friendly platform, which is easy to use. Just a single look at the website will automatically explain to you about the services and the procedure.


Want to invest in crypto? CoinSwitch offers you the simplest process to buy a cryptocurrency. How simple is it? Let’s say that you want to buy Bitcoin as an example. If you choose CoinSwitch, then you would be able to do that by following just three simple steps.


It is an undeniable fact that we all try to get the best deal during trading. In terms of crypto trading, you would always want to buy it on the actual market cost. It has been observed that most of the trading platforms in India alter the Rupee to Bitcoin exchange for more profit. However, CoinSwitch charges a negligible transaction fee. You can also say that CoinSwitch offers you the precise exchange rate of the Cryptocurrency.


A trader usually goes through all the transactions at a point of time. This is even true for crypto trading. Maybe you have been trading for a while on the platform, and you want to go through all the transactions. Is this possible? Yes, CoinSwitch gives you the power to manage your transaction history. Thus, you can always keep track of the transactions.


Do you know that there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market? Well, now you know. Of course, Bitcoin is one of the biggest currencies, but you may even want to invest in cryptos like Dash and many more. CoinSwitch offers you a single platform through, which you can invest in more than three hundred cryptocurrencies.



Security is always the priority when it comes to crypto trading. In today’s world, the internet is full of all kinds of scams and security breaches. There is some trading platform on the internet, which is the main target of most of the hackers. These hackers steal your data and blackmail you to get money. The situation worsens when data like credit card details get leaked. Therefore, it is highly important to choose a platform that is well-reputed for the security of the data.


CoinSwitch offers you the safest environment for crypto trading. How? Well, CoinSwitch is partnered with various crypto wallet organizations, such as Cinomi, Guarda, and many more. Thus, all your data remains untouched at this platform.

Customer services

There are various instances where you would like to be in touch with the platform. Maybe you are facing some trouble with your account, or you are not able to understand a certain procedure. Customer care services are the backbone of any territory sector organization. However, in the end, you just want the problem to be fixed quickly. CoinSwitch offers you 24×7 customer care services. Customer care works swiftly to solve the problem effectively.