Published On : Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Coal workers to go on 3-day strike in November

Coal workers Strike

Nagpur: The Indian National Mineworkers’ Federation (INTUC) has drawn an agitational action plan including 30-day strike by coal workers of CIL and SCCL in November over a charter of demands.

S Q Zama, Secretary General of INMF (INTUC) has said that there is widespread resentment among coal workers over Draft of NCWA-X vis-a-vis Less Bonus (under PLRS) – 2016-17 and various other issues. The CIL Apex JCC also signed a Resolution and finalised Bonus / Ex-gratia — 2016-17 (under PLRS) at Rs.57,000/- giving rise of only Rs.3,000/- over last year amount of Rs.54,000/-. The coal workers had expected more than Rs.60,000/- looking into substantial decrease in manpower by more than 10,000 in CIL over last year, positive growth in production, dispatch, productivity and profitability during the fiscal — 2016-17.

The INMF further said that the number of Outsourced Contract / Agency workers in CIL I SCCL has substantially, increased contributing to around 50% of production and hence they be granted “Job Security” by retaining the same Contractor Workers (By forming Nucleus of same Contract Workers) even by change of Contractor, equal wages for equal nature of job and till it is achieved. strict enforcement of HPC / CIL wages effecbve from 1″ January, 2013. Statutory Bonus including for the year 2016-17 be paid for which CIL has already issued Circular dated 21.09.2017.

The minimum pension of Rs.1,000/- is too meagre to be accepted by coal workers/pensioners. It should be minimum 50% of Grade / Category prevalent during tenure of 5 years agreement Besides 7% plus 7% contribution towards Corpus, certain amount be included in Price Component to be levied on OB and ‘Dispatch of Coal” per tonne. The earlier mode for arriving at average wages by dividing salary with 10 months’ be restored back instead of 30 months as decided by Committee on the subject.

According to action plan, the INMF (INTUC) has given a 3-day all India strike by coal workers on November 6, 7 and 8, 2017.