Published On : Mon, Jun 24th, 2013

Coal mine turns into a gold mine for thieves as WCL, contractor desert the mine midway

The thieves got a lottery of a sort as they are “feasting” and “partying” on their choicest very costly machinery parts and tools as the “host” WCL, with no wisdom at all, handed over the  responsibility to no government security agency or even the private guards to keep it secured
Nagpur News: In yet another example of thoughtless action on the part Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) authorities,who, after much consideration, undertook the mining of coal at Waghoda in Saoner Tehsil  where they found thousands and thousands tons of coal treasure. The WCL spent crores of rupees for mining operation, however, much to the surprise of all and the sundry, deserted the mine 6 months ago leaving the fate of the mine to itself and the costly machineries and other tools to the mercy of thieves.
The thieves got a lottery of a sort, and the WCL coal mine has been turned into a gold mine for thieves, and other criminals who are “feasting” and “partying” on their choicest machinery parts and tools as the “host” WCL, with no wisdom at all, handed over the responsibility to no government security agency or even the private guards.
The present situation of the mine is as such that office buildings constructed with crores of rupees, and, equipped with costly materials and basic amenities parts, the hi-tech machineries for the purpose of mining of coal worth crores have been left orphaned. This terrible folly on the part of WCL bosses has paved a golden way for criminals, who, too, are taking advantage of the golden situation to the hilt. The burglars visit the mine whenever they want and take away costly parts of the machineries without any fear or hurdle, courtesy WCL flaw. Not to mention the loss incurred by the WCL, and Government, as well.
And, the most unfortunate picture of all this episode, is the hanging of sword of unemployment, over the local youths who are finding themselves between the devil and the deep sea situation because of a dispute between WCL and the contractor is going on over the mining of this coalmine. The contractor left the construction of mine-related structures and a bridge midway over some dispute. The mine is now without a “father” and crying for help and safety from WCL bosses.
Meanwhile, in a good news, some security guards, caught a man who stole 25 batteries and a two-wheeler from WCL’s mine number 1 and handed him to Saoner Police Station under which the mine is located. The accused Vijay Dhurve, resident of Saoner and another accused Bhura Ganpat Salame (23), resident of Malegaon planned to steal some costly material from the mine, and, accordingly, relieved the mine of 25 batteries and a two-wheeler (MH/40-K0137) collectively worth Rs 21,200 on the night of May 25. However, a WCL guard Devi Prasad Pawar (59) noticed the suspicious activities of Vijay Dhurve and Bhura Salame.He immediately informed the Saoner police about the theft of 25 batteries and a two-wheeler. The police, too, arrested Vijay Dhurve immediately and filed an offence against him under sections 379, 34 of IPC. They have launched a search for Bhura who is absconding.
The WCL started mining the number 5 mine in Waghoda where a huge stock of coal is deposited under the ground. The WCL authorities handed over a contract for mining of coal to one Arunsingh. The contractor was supposed to carry out 500 metres of mining at the cost of Rs 6.50 crore. But the contractor could work only up to 50 metres. The WCL had already carried out work of cement tunnel box up to 100 metres with a cost of Rs 4 crore. After finishing the preliminary works, the WCL equipped the mine with latest and costly machineries including four buildings. The WCL, for this purpose, too, spent crores of rupees. And most importantly, hundreds of local youths got jobs at the mine. However, destiny forced these youths to run from one corner to another as they were left jobless after the contractor left the work midway. Now, these youths see a silver lining in the form of WCL authorities who could hammer out a solution that could give them another chance to resettle their lives in a much better way.