Published On : Mon, Sep 16th, 2013
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Coaching classes suck college time for 11th, 12th science students, turn mini-campus

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Representational picture

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The 11th & 12th Science students of most of the colleges of Nagpur are bunking their regular college classes, for the sake of spending hours at their private coaching classes. The trending is quite upward and emerging as the major factor taking the students away from classroom atmosphere and other campus activities. It is learnt that the tie-up of the colleges with the private coaching classes has given the students a free hand to bunk their regular classes in their respective colleges.

Students don’t know college teachers

In most of the colleges, the situation is quite alarming as many students don’t even know or have seen their teachers in the colleges. Due to the tie-up with the private coaching classes, the students don’t have to attend college regularly. They only need to attend the practicals conducted by the college.

Colleges wear deserted look

Large numbers of classrooms in the junior science colleges give a deserted look. On the other hand if you pass by or visit some private coaching classes they hustle with activities from the morning till late evening with students in large numbers.

Coaching classes become mini-campus

These private coaching classes have become a mini-campus with students assigned with identity cards which they have to wear all the time. Students spend most of their day here. There are even canteens in some of the coaching classes for these students because of time spent by them here.

In many colleges the attendance of the students for regular classes is very poor. Now senior college classes are being conducted in the junior classes section.

Charles Salve