Published On : Sat, Mar 21st, 2015

CM inaugurates Data Centre of Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-Op Society Ltd

DSC_0512 (1)Nagpur:  The world is becoming virtual day by day. Going to a bank and doing banking has slowly become out-dated. Concepts like Core Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and other services of Core-Banking offered by banks is the in-thing today said Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis after inaugurating the Data Centre of The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited on Saturday the March 20, 2015.

Earlier, the Chief Minister was welcomed with a floral bouquet and as the Maharashtrian custom goes, he was garlanded with a Gatti (Sugar discs) garland.

He started his address by greeting the audience a very Happy New Year, Guddi Padva’s greetings and a prayer to Almighty God to prosper everyone, for granting everyone a good health and strength and abundant blessings.

While lauding the efforts taken by The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Ltd, Fadnavis said that they have geared-up to offer a gamut of services by integrating all their 30 branches with the Data Centre. CM Fadnavis claimed that this will enable the account holders to deposit, withdraw or do any services from any branch and whenever needed, the account holders can also use the core banking solutions like internet banking mobile banking etc.

Fadnavis claimed that optimum use of technology has also increased the productivity. He added that gone are the days when the Bank meant having a big space where a lot of counters are there and a lot of personnel had to deal with Account holders. Today, the back-office with back-end personnel makes more sense. The core banking apart from ensuring a transparency in the banking, but also ensures safety and security of the Data. He claimed that in case of any natural disaster occurring with any branch, the Data is absolutely safe.

DSC_0528Fadnavis claimed that The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited has accomplished another major mile-stone. He added that this was only because of the initiates taken by a few women. They have won the faith and trust of their esteemed account holders which has brought them so far. He wished them all the success for all their future endeavours and for opening many more branches in the city.

Maharashtra  Energy Minister and Guardian Minister of Nagpur Chandrashekhar Bawankule had to leave early since he had some other prior engagement.

Vice-President of The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited Nilima Bawne introduced the Chief Guest Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Union Energy Minister and Guardian Minister of Nagpur Chandrashekhar Bawankule and Chairman of Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd and Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Darda. Nilima said that they have lived-up to their motto of “Our Family Our Institution”. She claimed that 40 women had started this Bank. What started as Chit-Fund collection where the tradition of small groups of women contribute small amounts of money on a regular basis and allocate the resulting collected amount to a selected member each time, went to be integrated with commercial banking. Nilima claimed that often poor and needy working women like the servant women (maids) need a safe place to deposit smaller amounts in some safe place from where they can withdraw in dire needs. She added that they started their banking in a hall of Sitaram Smruti Bhavan and today has grown up to 30 branches as their business grew. She added that often women are often afraid of going to the bank because of the complications. She said that in order to cater to such women; they have started simple banking with zero balance.

DSC_0534AManagement Advisor of The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited Pratap Hirani said that with the opening of the Data Centre, all 30 branches will be integrated. He claimed that they were able to achieve this with the Help from Virtual Galaxy Company. They are now futuristic in their goals. Hirani claimed that as of date, the bank has done a business of Rs 910 crores and Rs 600 crores depositors. They have expanded to Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. They have maintained their standards and have been awarded with ISO 9001-02 Certification. They have adhered to all the statutory obligations. They have spent Rs 1.5 crores to introduce the Core Bank facilities to their account holders.

DSC_0539AChairman of Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd and Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Darda in his address said that the empowerment of the women in managing a family, running a state or a nation and almost anything that a woman sets her heart on. Whatever endeavour she undertakes, she succeeds. This is why in India we pray to various goddesses.

Darda claimed that this Bank has passed many difficult and rough patches but has won over all the tribulations and has reached where it is today. He added that this Data Centre also helps in controlling Non-Performing Assets, expenses etc.

Darda claimed that the people have slowly developed a negative image towards Co-operative banks. However, The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited has won over all the hurdles and has won the trust and faith of their account holders and is progressing in leaps and bounds. He wished them well and asked them to open many branches.

President of The Dharampeth Mahila Multi State Co-operative Society Limited, Sarika Pendse too expressed her views and said that, when some media personnel asked them what they are going to gain from the Data Centre, she had replied saying that it is not for our benefit but for the benefit of all our account holders who can see at the click of a button, whatever has transpired in the bank. This core banking will help the bank gain the attention of the youth.