Published On : Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

CM Fadnavis visits Hedgewar memorial with his ministers


So this morning, on an auspicious ‘Guruwar’ (thursday) when a disciple pays homage to his God-like-Guru, our So this morning, on an auspicious ‘Guruwar’ (thursday) when a disciple pays homage to his God-like-Guru, our C.M. Fadnavis along with his senior cabinet colleagues went calling on the RSS. Sorry, they went to pay homage at the Hedgewar memorial but somehow ended up having a meet with some RSS bosses at Reshim Bag. This leaves us wondering what the actual objective of the trip, made in a new ‘environment friendly, green’ bus was ?

Ministers accompanying Fadnavis were: Girish Mahajan, Pankaja Munde, Vinod Tawde, Prakash Mehta, Chandrashekhar Bawankule and Chandrakant Patil. Interesting point was that Mahadev Jankar who is under a cloud for allegedly trying to influence local elections unfairly, and whose resignation opposition is jointly demanding, was also accompanying them.

As was ‘Sabhapati’ Haribhau Bagde. Isn’t a person in this position supposed to be non-partisan?

The party which, when in opposition, derided Sonia Gandhi as a High Command to whom the then P.M. deferred, should remember that it was always Sonia Gandhi who made a trip to the P.M.’s office when the two met – it was never vica versa. The duo did not compromise the prestige of the Prime Minister’s position.

And here we have almost the entire government trouping to RSS bhawan during Winter Assembly in a sure sign of paying obeisance.

We all in Nagpur agree that RSS does great social service to community at large, is a disciplined group of volunteers who devote their life to the sangh, but it does have saffron overtones… in the name of fairness and equality should our government not also then visit organizations of churches, or other minorities’ organizations who also do great work among the needy?

Whatever their personal ideologies may be, should they not make an attempt at least to be seen as equidistant from all religions and respectful of all?
Isn’t that one of the most sacrosanct ideals of our constitution?