Published On : Wed, Dec 31st, 2014

CM Devendra Fadnavis claims no probe for the film PK in Maharashtra

fadanvis on PK

Different states are reacting to Amir Khan movie PK in different ways. Bajrang dal has vandalized theatres in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that were screening the film,  lot of noise is being by similar organizations in M.P. while U.P. has gone exactly in the opposite direction by making the film tax free! ( Was it shot in UP, we wonder?)

Our CM Devendra Fadnavis who is known to keep a calm and sober head has declared that there is no issue of keeping PK running in Maharashtra and no probe has been ordered against the story of an alien coming to the earth and finding some of our customs, specially religious ones, strange.


“The movie has been seen and passed by the Censor Board. That is enough for us.”

Devendra’s decision is in sync with the Supreme Court of India’s verdict where two PILs were filed sayiing this film hurts the sentiments of the majority community and should therefore be banned. What did the esteemed judges have to say?

“Don’t waste the valuable time of court by applying stupid logic. If you don’t like the movie, dont watch it and keep you and your family away from the movie. Don’t bring religious facts here,” Chief Justice of India,  said adding, “These are matters of entertainment.  If you restrict it, it will affect other’s rights. Everything is on the internet.  What will you hide?”

The court said, “Indian society is very mature and knows the difference between entertainment and other things.”

Fadnavis, respecting the Supreme Court’s verdict has warned miscreants to not try and disrupt screening of the movie in the state’s theatres.
Law and order should be mantained and screening should continue without disturbance, he has ordered.

The movie meanwhile has already garnered over Rs. 250 crores from the domestic market alone and such controversies will add to its Curiosity value and probably make it a super hit abroad too.

Mr. Rajkumari Hirani, the director – producer of the film and a Nagpurian to boot has appealed to audiences to watch the movie in its totality and not take scenes in isolation to lodge their protests. “PK is not against any religion and it was not our intention to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments” he says.

It is not just Hindu rightwingers, even Muslim clerics have slammed the movie.

“I have been told about some scenes of the film that are hurting religious sentiments. If it is so, it is not good and freedom of expression does not give anyone the liberty to trample over the feelings of another citizen. The Censor Board should review the film remove such scenes so that communal harmony is not disturbed,” Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali, a well-known Sunni cleric and a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said to the media in Hyderabad.

The final word goes to Subramaniam Swamy as usual who always manages to ‘unearth’ information not known to any one else. “PK has been financed by the ISI and money has come from Dubai” he has announced.Not to be left wanting on the ideological front either, he has protested about a Sikh shown begging in the movie. “Sikhs never beg. This scene is a collective insult to them” he has declared.

NT wonders why no organization has yet come forward asking for PK’s ban since it shows an Indian girl kissing a ‘Paki’ guy in public – that too on the lips!! Love Jihad in action??