Published On : Sat, May 3rd, 2014

CM cheated us; he failed to fulfill his promise says VED

  • CM had invited the businessmen to start units in MIHAN-SEZ and now ignoring MIHAN project.
  • Why did he make fake promises to provide electricity at low rates
  • CM is the only one to be blamed for the power problem of MIHAN-SEZ


Nagpur News: Every industry requires power to run it. However, in spite of the fact that 65% of the power is produced in Vidarbha, one of the prestigious projects of Vidarbha, MIHAN-SEZ faces innumerable power problems. The Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) had organized a meeting on May 3, 2014 to discuss on various issues.

VED has decided to take an aggressive stand on the very crucial issue of the power crisis in MIHAN which can have long-term negative implications for the development of this entire region.

While addressing the meeting, president of Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED), Devendra Parekh said that MIHAN, the flagship of growth here for the future is in jeopardy due to the power crisis while the Chief Minister, who is the Chairman and Managing Director of this Company, who can sort out this issue within 24 hours is turning a blind eye to this major problem.

According to Devendra Parekh, the Chief Minister cheated businessmen of Vidarbha. Injustice was meted out to Vidarbha and its people. Nobody is ready to entertain the problem of MIHAN-SEZ.  VED has blamed the Chief Minister for the power problem prevailing in MIHAN-SEZ.

The Chief Minister had promised to provide electricity at the rate of Rs 2.97 paisa but allegedly broken the promise opined Devendra Parekh. Parekh added that since the Chief Minister is an outsider. He doesn’t feel the pain of Vidarbha. Anti-Vidarbha development policy of Maharashtra Government is not letting Vidarbha grow. The VED added that they are under alien government. The Maharashtra Government has always ignored Vidarbha. The development is been forcefully stopped.

Parekh questioned that, when 65 per cent of electricity of Maharashtra is produced in Vidarbha, then why can’t the industries in Vidarbha get power at low cost? VED alleged that the Congress-NCP government has to pay a heavy price for ignoring Vidarbha. NCP will get the answer for this ignoring in the coming election. We will leave all our work and will involve ourselves in negative publicity against NCP said VED Office-Bearers.

A separate Vidarbha is the only solution and VED supports separate Vidarbha Movement. They alleged that whenever there appears to be a right time to promote this prestigious and dream project of Vidarbha, a negative image of MIHAN-SEZ is portrayed in front of the world. The Maharashtra Government is responsible for the situation. Because of this lethargic attitude of the Chief Minister, MIHAN-SEZ is not able to get big company units to come and establish themselves here. The Chief Minister appears to ignore MIHAN completely.

The Vidarbha Economic Development Council will start meeting all the MLAs of Vidarbha to discuss on this pressing issue said Parekh. The leaders of Vidarbha have failed to get justice for Vidarbha said Vidarbha Economic Development Council.

Those present on the occasion included the office-bearers of Vidarbha Economic Development Council, President of MIHAN Industrial Association Manoj Bhojwani and other businessmen having units in MIHAN-SEZ.