Published On : Sun, Mar 22nd, 2015

CM assures to redress grievances of lawyers soon

Suyog Building to be handed over to the District Court

Nagpur: “I feel at home whenever, I come to the District Bar Association programmes”, claimed Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, while addressing the audience during the installation ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of District Bar Association on March 21, 2015.

He went on to add that he has attended all the elections of District Bar Association, however, this time, due to some prior engagements, he could not make it. Fadnavis claimed that he has 20-year-old relationship with most of the senior lawyers, judges especially the office-bearers of the District Bar Association. He urged the newly elected office-bearers to work hard for the welfare of the lawyers. He said that in a democratic set-up, everybody should perform their part well in order for the nation to run smoothly.

While quoting High Court Judge, Justice Bhushan Gawai’s statement as how lawyers are very clever, CM said that he has seen the functioning of the lawyers and has seen why they are what they are because of various circumstances. Fadnavis assured Justice Bhushan Gawai that just as the lawyers and the clients have to accept the judgements delivered from the bench, this time too they will accept his speech and assured to abide by them.

Fadnavis claimed that usually Law and Judiciary are departments that are never allocated enough funds. However, since Law and Judiciary is with him, he will ensure that enough funds are allocated and pending projects and proposals get cleared and approved. He claimed that to start with, he will work on improving various aspects of the courts like infrastructural facilities, parking etc.

Fadnavis claimed that they have already approved Rs 70 crores towards National Law School Building at Kaldongri. He claimed that he just noticed that a proposal for the demand for the Suyog Building has been pending from 2012.

Fadnavis claimed that he will get the proposal sent to him and will work out the formalities to hand over the Suyog Building to the District Courts to be used for various law and judiciary functions.

Fadnavis claimed that a land has been identified for the Family Courts. He assured to ensure that funds too will be made available for the construction of the same.

While speaking about remedy the parking problems for the lawyers, Fadnavis claimed that Former Municipal Commissioner Praveen Darade had made some plans for parking of lawyers’ vehicles. He claimed that he will ask Shyam Wardhane to review the plan and after due discussions with the DBA office-bearers, redress the parking woes. Fadnavis claimed that many problems can be solved by discussion and finding out alternate remedies. He claimed that the area next to Suyog Building is pretty large and certainly something can be worked out to solve the parking problems. However, he added that the infrastructural facilities should be well-maintained. He claimed that the cooperation of the District Bar Association with other administrative departments and the general populace will certainly help in solving many problems.

Devendra Fadnavis while concluding claimed that the lawyers should inculcate and adhere to the values which they learn in the colleges. They should remember that they are in the business of people getting justice.

Addressing the President of District Bar Association Prakash Jaiswal, he said that he should not get inspired by Shivaji Maharaj and take up a sword and move about. He asked him to take up the sword for fighting for the justice, since Shivaji Maharaj never lifted his sword for injustice and had always fought for justice. He said that sword that Prakash Jaiswal should be using is the Pen and the Speech for getting justice to the masses.


Earlier High Court Judge, Justice Bhushan Gawai highlighted the problems of the parking, the problems of the L-Shaped District Court Building to draw the attention of the Chief Minister. He went on to say that there is an ever-growing chasm between the Judges-Lawyers and the clients. DBA should strive actively and consciously to reduce and remove the chasm or the gap.

While High Court Judge Justice Dharmadhikari limited his speech to congratulating the newly elected office bearers, Principal Judge of High Court Justice K K Sonawane highlighted some of the other basic problems in the courts like lack of furnitures and proper infrastructures which is causing the cases to keep piling-up. He claimed that proper infrastructures and additional personnel will aid in delivering the justice in time to the complainants or clients.

The newly elected office-bearers include

President                         :  Prakash Jaiswal

Vice-President                 :  Prashant Bhandekar

IInd Vice-President         : Akshay Samarth

General Secretary            : Nitin Telgote

Ist Joint Secretary           : Nilesh Gaidhane

IInd Joint Secretary        : Shrikant Gaidhane

Treasurer                        : Nachiketa Vyas

Library In-Charge           : Girish Khobragade

Executive Body Members

  1. 1.    Nitin Gadpayle
  2. 2.    Parishit Mohite
  3. 3.    Hemant Korde
  4. 4.    Sameer Parate
  5. 5.    Shrikant Gawande
  6. 6.    Sanket Yadav
  7. 7.    Ujwal Fasate
  8. 8.    Manoj Mende
  9. 9.    Archana Gajbhiye