Published On : Sun, Mar 22nd, 2015

7-city-youth die as boat capsizes in Nasangaon

nagpur-300x184Nagpur: Celebration of birthday in and near water-bodies seems to result in fatality in recent times. Similar to what had occurred at Zilpi lake where four youth including one girl lost their lives, in another tragic incident occurred in Nasangaon in Kuhi area, 7 city youth who had gone to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends, died as the boat in which they were travelling got capsized on March 22, 2015.

According to sources, the seven youth in the age group of 18 to 25 years old and all residents of Ayodhya Nagar and Ashirwad Nagar had gone to Nasangaon in Kuhi area to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends.

Deceased include polytechnic students Gaurkshan Thate, 18, and Chetan Admane, 20, and his younger brother, ITI student Harshal Admane. Others have been identified as Mahsukh Sheikh, 27, an auto driver, Ramchandra Shivankar, 24, who is unemployed, Rahul Valodhe, 23, who was working with a private company, and Sarfaraz Sheikh whose occupation could not be known.

Sources claimed that the boat had developed some hole which caused water to enter the boat and start to fill the boat with water, which later caused the boat to capsize killing all the seven youth on board the boat.

Rural SP Arti Singh and Kuhi police station police inspector Kale reached the spot and also informed fire and emergency department. MLA Sudhakar Kohle also reached the spot and helped the deceased’s family members. Cops stated that despite continuous efforts, no body could be traced. Singh said that the operation to retrieve bodies will resume Monday morning.
Police stated the group had reached the lake in the afternoon on their bikes. After having lunch, three of them sat chatting at the lakeside while nine others chose to ride a boat that was moored there. SP Singh stated the boat capsized while some distance from the land and all fell off. She added it could be because they sat in a haphazard manner and the boat lost its balance.

Only two among them could manage to swim ashore while the rest got drowned. Police stated three sitting at the shore didn’t know swimming but they ran and alerted nearby villagers. By the time the villagers could gather to help, it was too late for the victims.

Police stated they were informed very late about the accident and then they first communicated news to the deceased’s family members. They stated the deceased were all neighbours. Police have not been able to inform anybody in Shivankar family. That young man’s father was away at Aurangabad and his two brothers were also out of town. His mother was only present at home and but police avoided informing her about her son’s death. Many people from Aashirwad Nagar had gathered near the lake until late in the night.

Till the filing of the story, the names of the youth could not be ascertained.