Published On : Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

Clash between rival groups in Golden Temple shameful episode, says city Sikh community

Nagpur  News : The Sikh community of Nagpur strongly condemned clashes between Man Group and Golden Temple Task Force. Reacting to the incident, the prominent leaders of Sikh Community of Nagpur found this incident a shameful incident. Nagpur Today talked with some of the prominent personality of Sikh community of Nagpur.

While giving reaction on the incident, Navneet Singh Tuli said that “This is the first time when this type of incident happened in Golden Temple. This is a shameful incident and a wrong message went to the world”. The loose security system is somewhere responsible for this disgraceful incident, added Navneet Singh Tuli.

Reacting on the episode Angad Arora said that all the above what is important is that one should respect the holiness of the place like Golden Temple and keeping this in mind they would have controlled their anger. The people who were involved in the episode should have behaved maturely said Angad Arora. Arora added that the pilgrims all over the world were there and the message which went to the world through the immature behavior of these two groups is really Disgraceful.

Tejendar Singh Renu talking to Nagpur Today on the incident said that these types of clashes between the two local party people is only for own political supremacy and this incident is a shameful and disgracing. “We all are still in shock as we never imagined such incident can also happen at a place like Golden Temple where people from over the world come and worship. This incident is a really depressing episode for not only the Sikh community but also for our society,” added Tejendar Singh Renu.