Published On : Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

Clamour for Vasundhara, Smriti and Sushma’s resignations rise as incriminating documents tumble out


As one year of Modi’s rule in Delhi was completed the main claim from them, and many of their supporters was – this has been one year free of scams and any taint of corruption. We have proved that we are a party ‘with a difference’ “.

In the 13th month of their rule, so many skeletons are tumbling out of the closet and other issues that were being brazened over, like Smriti’s confusion over her exact educational qualifications, are coming back to haunt them that surely superstitious politicos are going to believe that 13 is indeed an unlucky number!

Times Now, that has been continuously hounding the BJP over what they call the “Lalitgate” has come out with signed documents of Vasundhara Raje and Lalit Modi that prove without a shred of doubt that when Raje was leader of opposition in Rajasthan, she did indeed vouch for Lalit and second his application for Residency in UK as if he was an exile who was being hounded politically by the ‘Ruling party’. She further implicated herself by pleading that this document should remain top secret and should never come to the notice of the ‘Indian authorities’. She apparently hinted that Lalit Modi was not an absconder of India and a fugitive, but a hounded victim!

This comes just a day after Gadkari’s visit to Jaipur showing 100% support from the BJP and Indian Government for Raje. They will find it hard to justify that today.

In Delhi, the Batala gate Court admitting case against Smriti also has resulted in more egg on the face of an important Minister like HRD Minister.

In the face of all these happenings, BJP cabinet Ministers are still trying to brazen it out with Home Minister Rajnath Singh saying ” our Ministers do not resign” ( like UPA’s). What does that snide remark really mean? That UPA might have been more sensitive to hints of corruption and impropriety shown by their Ministers and compelled them to resign, but NDA has no such inclinations?

Jairam Ramesh, other Congres leaders and AAP leaders in Delhi are just not buying this and are not in a mood to to be silenced.

Ramesh has demanded that all three ladies of BJP – two cabinet Ministers and one CM of Rajasthan, should resign forthwith.

The only defense that is coming out of BJP spokespersons in debate after debate on television is that ” show us any financial bungling. Show us proof of even one Rupee being misappropriated”.
Well, they seem to have spoken too soon.
Very soon, as details of Pankaja Munde’s alleged ‘scam’ come out, that boast will also prove hollow.
Indeed, June is just not the month for BJP…

Sunita Mudaliar