Published On : Sat, Apr 4th, 2020

City traffic cops caught ferrying liquor in Nagpur

Nagpur: A head constable, deployed with traffic wing’s cotton market branch of city police, was nabbed red-handed with three others while ferrying country-made liquor on Saturday. Around 55 litres of country-made liquors were seized along with the vehicle at Ishwarnagar Chowk on Saturday.

It was learnt that police had intercepted the vehicle after following it for some distance as it did not stop at an earlier junction. The stunned cops found one of their colleagues seated inside the vehicle along with three others. A source said that a retired police personnel too was found in the car.

The vehicle, along with the present and former cops in it, was brought to Nandanvan police station for further action.

Following coronavirus-related national lockdown, there has been crisis regarding liquor and also some burglaries at such outlets have been reported in the city.

While sending this post, the process to lodge FIR and formally place the accused under arrest were underway at Nandanvan police station.,