Published On : Wed, May 25th, 2016

City toppers of Science, Commerce and Arts have high aspirations

(L to R) Rashi Mahajan, Sanyukta Faye and Ritika Shrivastav

(L to R) Rashi Mahajan, Sanyukta Faye and Ritika Shrivastav

Nagpur: For city’s youth, the burden of aspirations and career means starting early in life. While speaking to Nagpur Today the toppers of the three streams said that they are keen to be financially independent and successful professionals in life. In an age of intensifying material and professional expectations, youngsters feel it’s important to focus on building a career, a path that they believe will lead to the realization of their aspirations – both material wise and otherwise. 

Rashi Mahajan of M.K.H. Sancheti Public School and Junior College scored 97.85% (636/650) to become the topper of Nagpur city. Some sources claimed that Rashi could be the Topper from Vidarbha too.

While speaking to Nagpur Today Rashi Mahajan said that she performed her best by giving her 100% to her studies. However, she said that she never expected to get such good percentage. While speaking about the mode of her learning, she said that she believed in planning and executing the plans to the word. She had apparently made a schedule and used to put a tick mark when she finished the work.

While speaking about the social life Rashi Mahajan said that for the last two years, she did not attend any social and family functions, did not see any movies, not active on social networking sites or on mobile.

Rashi gives all her success to her parents, Principal Ma’am and teachers who encouraged her and urged her to go on. Rashi claimed that the new regulations on NEET had stressed her out. She used reading novels and photography as stress busters.

While speaking about her parents, she said that her father Dr Vaibhav Mahajan (Physician) and her mother Dr Asha Mahajan (Dentist) both played a very positive role in her life and Rashi claimed that they are her role models. While speaking of her aspirations, she said that she too wants to become a Doctor.

Sanyukta Faye of Dr Ambedkar College of Commerce 
scores 94% to top in Commerce stream from city

  • Sanyukta does not want to do a job instead she wants to provide jobs to the needy.

Daughter of Rajesh Faye an Accountant and Sushma Faye a house wife studied hard to get the success. She gives all the credit to her parents and teachers.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Sanyukta Faye said that she started studying only from January and February for Boards examinations, since the results of the past examinations (test Series) were very low and she had gone into depression. She solved many Test Series.

While speaking about her social life and use of media for communication, she said that she was not very active in social media. She said that she used only g-mail and that too only for notes and instructions from her friends.

While speaking about her aspirations, Sanyukta Faye said that she aspires to become a Chartered Accountant.

She also spoke about her hobby of drawing and painting which served as a tension reliever. While speaking her heart out, Sanyukta said that once she establishes a stable career, she wants to pursue Interior Designing. Sanyukta said that she does not want to do a job instead, she wants to provide jobs to the needy.

She said that her mother Sushma Faye was a Scientist in Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. Later she served as a faculty in a Computer Institution. She claimed that her mother left her job for the sake of her daughter, since she wanted to help her only daughter in her academics.

Want to become a Magistrate says Ritika Shrivastav who scored 96.6% to top from Arts stream in the city 

Ritika Shrivastav of Lady Amritbai Daga College scored 96.6% to top from Arts stream in the city.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Ritika Shirvastav said that she wants to pursue her graduation in LLB. While speaking about her career, she said that she wants to be a Magistrate.

She too gives all her career to her parents, Principal Ma’am and all her college teachers.

Ritika claimed that she said that she chose all those subjects which she liked including History, Economics, Sanskrit, Political Science, Child Development and English. She wanted to choose Psychology but since their college did not offer the subject, she chose Child Development.

Being active in Social Networking sites does not really affect studies, claimed Ritika. She said that in-fact she had to use whatsapp to get notes and updates from her group on whatsapp.

She claimed that she claimed that the key to success is concentrated qualitative studies along with sheer determination.

She opined that she believed that instead of quantitative studies, qualitative studies even if it for a lesser duration helps one succeed. She also claimed that regular attendance and learning all that is taught in the class is enough to succeed in examinations.

In her message to her juniors, she said that they should be determined in their studies, focus on their career and appropriate use of social media.