Published On : Fri, Jan 17th, 2014

City saves 1456.6 units of electricity on Full Moon Night

Nagpur News: The Full Moon Night on January 15 turned blissful for the Orange City as far as Mayor Anil Sole’s “Mission Celebrate Full Moon Day — Save Energy, Save Earth” is concerned. A collective 1456.6 units of electricity was saved by the committed 16,161 individuals on the appeal of the Mayor.

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The Mayor Anil Sole had said that many countries in the world keep lights off for one hour every year in order to preserve electricity. Nagpur among 11 cities in the country participate in this venture. Moreover, on Full Moon Night, there is enough light and if the citizens go for “Self Commitment” and keep the lights off in houses, offices, establishments, institutes and others for a considerable time, power will be saved in a big way, the Mayor said. He had appealed the citizens to cooperate in NMC’s efforts to save electricity, the environment and protect mineral resources.

The Mayor’s appeal worked as a total of 16,161 individuals made commitments to switch off the lights of their residences/premises ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour, even for 3 hours, too. Now, after considering every individual acted as per his/her commitment and further considering that each individual has switched off two tube lights of 36 watts then it can be concluded that each individual has saved 0.08 unit during one hour. Then the conclusion can be that all individuals saved 1288.8 units of electricity in the said mission. Hence total number of units saved (including streetlights) will be 1456.6 and thus the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has been restricted by 1456.6 kg.

Now onwards, electricity will be saved on “Pournima” (Full Moon Night) of every month. NMC Electrical Department’s Jaiswal drew praise for counting the switched off streetlights. However, the Mayor expressed his unhappiness over the streetlights that continue to function even in the day time at various places. He appealed to do away with sports tournaments held in the nights. Interestingly, many individuals who had committed to switch off the lights, forgot to do the same.