Published On : Sat, Jun 7th, 2014

City NCP chief Ajay Patil demands strict action against touts, illegal agents at Railway Station

Nagpur News.

The havoc wreaked by touts and illegal ticketing agents at Nagpur Railway Station drew attention of City NCP President Ajay Patil. The leader, in order to end the menace, submitted a memorandum to Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Central Railway Nagpur in this connection. Patil told the DRM that his party workers have been keeping a watch at Reservation Booking Counters at Railway Station for the past 4 days. The workers have found the touts and illegal ticketing agents making a brisk business in connivance with Railway employees and police at the cost of law abiding passengers. The workers have collected evidence of this illegal ticketing, said the NCP leader Ajay Patil.

Patil further said that at least 50 touts and illegal ticketing agents are seen standing in queues at Reservation Booking Counters almost daily. The men invariably procure confirmed reservation tickets sometimes even jumping the lines. On the other hand, the genuine passengers find themselves in the long waiting list. This phenomenon adequately points out the supremacy of touts and illegal ticketing agents at Reservation Booking Counters.


The City NCP President has demanded the DRM to act tough against the touts and the agents who have made the reservation of tickets out of reach for the genuine passengers. Patil said the DRM has been given an ultimatum of two days to initiate stern measures in this respect or the doors of CBI will be knocked to crush the menace heavy handedly.