Published On : Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

City leaders salute to AAP’s victory; terms result an eye-opener for parties


AAP’s clean sweep in Delhi has not only brought a fresh lease of life into the party’s diminishing aspiration but it has also drawn thumping reactions and compliments from various political quarters. Back home in Nagpur, leaders across various beliefs and party ideologies have unanimously showered their words of appreciation for AAP’s incredible performance in Delhi poll battle.

Reacting to the smashing win of AAP, Nagpur’s former MP and senior Congress leader Vilas Muttemwar said, “It is an unprecedented victory and a clear sign of people’s disillusionment from BJP’s tall promises and its PM Modi’s verbal exaggeration.” He added, “AAP’s Chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal truly deserves the win he got. This victory is an eye opener for all the parties that people do not believe in oral promises but real action.”

Commenting on BJP’s stint at Centre during the past 9 months, Muttemwar said, “We ruled the nation’s heart for more than 55 years and the people have always bestowed their faith in us. We have even remained in power in Delhi for good 15 years at a stretch. We accepted the people’s mandate and took to Opposition, because we understood that the anti-incumbency wave prevailed. But, in this election the people have outrightly rejected the BJP’s cheating ways in straight 9 months. This shows that BJP had only grabbed power on false claims.”

Muttemwar added that Modi has squarely failed on all expectations of people. Be it rising prices or unemployment, this government could not do anything for the benefit of common people and the people’s anger is evident in this election.” He said RSS is advising introspection for BJP, however fact remains that RSS needs to introspect itself and its ideologies.

Devendra Wankhede, Vidarbha Co-ordinator, Aam Aadmi Party led a victory rally in the city which started from Dhantoli at 2 pm and culminated at Gandhi Gate in Mahal at 7 pm. The rally passed through Lokmat Square, Variety Square, Sitabuldi main road, Tilak Putla, Agrasen Square, Gandhi Bagh, Badkas Chowk and Kotwali before reaching the destination.

Wankhede said, “During the election all the leaders in power stood against Kejriwal and mouthed anything against him. Some even called him ‘monkey’, crossing all limitations. These centres of power did whatever they could do, to prevent Kejriwal from retaining power. However the fact remained that BJP did nothing but misguided voters. Even PM Modi threw all his might in Delhi elections, but could not make it, as the people have already realized the BJP’s ploy.”

He further added, “Mr Modi has lauded cleanliness drive across the city and kept it limited to photo opportunity. Similarly all his claims turned out to be mere fluke. As Mr. Kejriwal has envisioned ‘swaraj’ (freedom) for the nation, the atmosphere appeared to be on the right track.”

Trade union leader Jammu Anand reacted, “The people of Delhi have taught lesson to Modi government and Hindutva party RSS. This is historical AAP win. It is the positive sign for nation’s clean politics.

City Congress President Vikas Thakre said the Modi government has got the befitting reply for all its false promises. He said Modi has spread a cobweb of 300 key leaders including Union and State minister, and he himself had conducted around half a dozen rallies. But now he has caught in his own network. “My kind advice to Modi is bet only for the things that you can do.”

AAP leader Rajesh Pugalia said that the people are the clear winner in this unprecedented outcome. The people have kickstarted a new revolution to those trying to get through the election through money power. The course of nation’s politics will change from now onwards.”

Shiv Sena leader Prakash Jadhav however maintained the people might have voted for AAP for the sake of change. “We respect the mandate. Moreover we are not shattered either. We will try and regain the people’s trust.” he reacted.