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    Published On : Thu, May 1st, 2014

    City hacker reveals it all about online threat!

    final 4Nagpur News.

    With advancement of science and technology, came its merits and demerits, advantages and disadvantages. While some of these advancements are profitable and beneficial to the masses, many others bring with it its own demerits which can prove to be of disadvantageous to the public at large.

    Meet Mahesh Rakheja aka Muthu, as he is lovingly called, a techno expert and efficient hacker from city who has been invited to speak at various reputed educational institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, and NIT Allahabad etc. He is on a drive to create awareness about hacking to everybody in the country. He is really passionate about the subject and can speak for hours.

    IMG_6694In his exclusive interview to Nagpur Today Mahesh revealed startling facts on the looming threat over android based smartphones. He said a hacker can easily penetrate networks or computer systems, while detailing on vivid computer and mobile security vulnerabilities, how hackers gain access to computer systems, mobile phones without prior authorization or knowledge of the owner.

    However, he said that there is nothing called ‘ethical hacker’. According to him, ‘Ethical hacker’ is like an ‘Ethical rapist’.

    Mahesh Rakheja who did his polytechnic from Nagpur Polytechnic College in the year 2006-09 went on to pursue Bachelor of Engineering (BE). While pursuing his BE, one day a seminar was held in the college where an expert professional delivered a lecture on hacking and how it is done and how it can used for good purpose. Mahesh was so enticed by the subject that that very day he decided that this is what he would pursue. And he never looked back.

    Soon after completing his degree course, there was a one-month long course held by Indian Army at Delhi. There his paper was selected. He then attended another Hacker’s Conference in Delhi, where he was acknowledged as the best speaker.

    After this he started doing research in hacking. He worked on various software. He even developed an Android Spy Agent Software. He has also developed a demonstration software which he uses to give demonstrations at various schools and colleges.

    He looked forward to put his hacking knowledge to some good use to the citizens. He elaborated about the e-banking hacking, Chinese and Pakistan hackers etc.

    He said that hacking can be effectively used by Indian Police, Army and other administration to keep a tab of incursions, rebels, cyber crime etc.

    While explaining a point he said that the users of Android phones often download many applications like Whatsapp, We-Chat, True Caller etc without reading the various terms and conditions. According to Mahesh we inadvertently provide many personal information to the potential hacker.

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    A hacker can our e-mail ID, face book ID, exact location of the mobile, all the in-box data from e-mail, our chats, our sms, our conversation details etc. He added that downloading of any of these social-networking applications also downloads many hidden malwares and viruses. He said that they can be detected since they are practically hidden and can never be removed. One fact which he said was that there is no 100 % anti-virus for our mobile phones. He explained this through a demonstration too. He has created an Android Malware Engine.

    He said that I am a true patriot and would never do anything wrong and neither would allow anything bad to our state, country or our citizens. He claimed that he will be pursuing this drive of creating awareness about hacking for 10 years. Of the 10 years, 2 years are already over and he will do it for 8 more years after which he will be involved in developing software etc

    … As told to Ravikant Kamble and Samuel Gunasekharan. Pics by Vinay Thorat

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