Published On : Thu, May 28th, 2020

City Gov. Offices Receive An Innovative Corona-Protection Device called as “Corona Glass Shield”.

The risk of catching COVID 19 has become a major cause for distress among Government officials in the city.
A typical government office receives anywhere between 5 and 100 visitors on any given day. When meeting officers, some visitors pull up their chairs too close, some are not wearing a mask, some sneeze openly, and some extend their hand for a handshake.

Currently, the only line of defense against the spread of COVID 19 is a combination of masks and social distancing, and it is often violated by visitors.

Recognizing the tremendous risk faced by government officials, and with an eye towards ensuring their safety, one socially responsible business house in the city has come up with a simple and effective device; The” Corona Glass Guard”.
Conceptualized and developed by Arshad Musa & Adnan Musa of
Nagpur. Arshad has done engineering in Electronics & Telecom from Nagpur University and has done Post Graduation in Business Management from England. Adnan has done MBA from Australia. The Corona Guard is a 2ft(Ht) x 3ft(wt) tall self-supporting glass partition with three sides. It can be put atop an official’s desk, separating him/her completely from the person sitting across, blocking all airborne particles and spontaneous handshakes.

The Corona Guard is simple to install – it needs only a tiny bit of space on your desk – and easy to clean – just spray it with some sanitizer and wipe clean with a smooth cloth.
They have donated some of the Corona Glass Guards to
1) Mr Kawaduji Uikey (PI Shantinagar Police Station )
2) Dr Yogendra Savai (Chief Medical Officer, NMC )
3) Dr Sadna Rayalu (Chief Scientist NEERI)
4) Mr Vijay Humane (Asst Commisioner , NMC Satranjipura).
5) Mr Raju Parwe (MLA Umred)