Citizens should take lead in disposal of dry, wet waste on separate days: Mayor

Nagpur: The Mayor Nanda Jichkar on Friday said that the garbage problem is creating hurdles in development works. “But with proper collection of garbage and disposal could help in achieving development. Every citizen must understand his or her responsibility in maintaining cleanliness. The citizens should also take lead in planning disposal of garbage – one day for dry waste and one day for wet waste,” Jichkar appealed.

The Mayor was speaking at an awareness programme on ‘segregation of waste’ organised at the premises of Jagdamba Mandir in Atrey Layout in Laxmi Nagar Zone on Friday. The programme was also attended by Laxmi Nagar Zone Chairman Prakash Bhoyar, Education Committee Chairman Dilip Diwe, Sports Committee Deputy Chairman Pramod Tabhane, Additional Municipal Commissioner Ram Joshi, Health Officer Dr Sanjiv Kamble, Assistant Commissioner of Laxmi Nagar Zone Suvarna Dakhne, Central for Sustainable Development Institute’s Leena Budhe and others.

The participants took oath of cleanliness and segregation of dry and wet waste. The Mayor further said that the sanitation workers collect dry and wet waste in one vehicle. Both the wastes get mixed at one point of time. To avoid this, citizens should plan dry waste on one and wet waste on another.