Published On : Mon, Aug 1st, 2016

Citizens protest NMC cutting down trees on WHC Road

Activists of Green Vigil claim even those trees that were not hazardous were severed

Cutting Trees
: Amid an array of tree plantation drives being undertaken across the city, the authorities of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) resorted to cutting of trees on West High Court Road, reportedly for “genuine reasons”. The contractors of NMC undertook this job of severing the trees which are or may in future cause hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic on the city roads. However, some conscientious citizens objected to these severing or cutting down the trees. As soon as the activists of Green Vigil came to know of the trees been severed, they too reached the spot and staged an opposition. However, the NMC contractors went ahead with the job and cut the trees near Traffic Park on WHC Road irrespective of protests.

A squad of the civic body descended on the West High Court Road with all required tools and started cutting down the trees that were proving to be hurdles in smooth traffic. The trees that were in dilapidated condition and a lurking danger too were cut. The protest hindered the NMC work for some time but soon resumed and finished with their work. When the Green activists and other citizens were convinced of the genuine reason for which the trees are being cut, they seem to have allowed the job.

Cutting Trees
Interestingly, the road, where the tree cutting action was being carried out, has been adopted by an environment friendly organization – Vanrai. The organization is slated to undertake beautification and tree plantation drive. The dangerous, drooping and dilapidated trees were cut for protection of newly planted trees and for safeguarding the road users.

Cutting Trees
On one hand the NMC is pushing ahead its logic for uprooting of trees and on the other hand the citizens and green activists terming it as irrational action. Their argument is that the NMC is cutting even those trees that were not posing any hazard. The President of Green Vigil Foundation Kaustubh Chatterjee claimed that the civic body undertakes cutting of trees through contractors but do not monitor of the selection and cutting down of trees. The contractors haphazardly go on cutting trees without a thought or logic. In today’s drive, at least 20 trees were cut that included a few very small trees, Chatterjee claimed.