Published On : Sat, May 18th, 2013
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Citizens falling prey to tricky, fraudulent SMSes, emails, and greed, too, & losing lakhs of rupees

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Nagpur News:

The fresh example of cheating occurred in our own Orange City when a man Pradeepkumar Subhodchandra Dhara (55), a resident of Plot No. 177, near Lord Shiva Temple, Misal Layout, become a victim of tricksters thus losing a considerable amount of hard-earned money. Here also the greed played an unfortunate role.

According to police, one H Mangaikom and his other accomplices through a well-planned conspiracy contacted Pradeepkumar Subhodchandra Dhara by SMSes, emails, and personally talking to him on his mobile phone and informed that he has been selected for Coca Cola Promotion Award and has won a reward money of 5 lakh Pounds (approximately Rs 30 crore). The tricksters then directed Pradeepkumar to deposit Rs 19,900 as clearing charges in the State Bank of India (SBI) Account No. 32173900563 in order to receive the reward money of 5 lakh Pounds. The happy Pradeepkumar immediately deposited Rs 19,900 in the said account number, and, waited for receiving the reward money. However, his wait proved futile and, soon, he came to know that he has been cheated by the so-called  Coca Cola Promotion Award conmen.

Pradeepkumar immediately lodged a complaint with Jaripatka Police Station in this regard. PSI Thakur registered an offence under Sections 420, 406 66A (B), 66(D) against the trickster accused and informed the Cyber Crime Cell of the Nagpur police. Police have launched an investigation into the matter.

However, the most painful and disturbing aspect of the above-mentioned case is that the case is not an isolated incident. Dozens of people have lost their lakhs and lakhs of hard-earned rupees, mainly for the greed to earn an easy money. The victims include well-educated or other gullible people. And reports suggests that there are several gangs of scamsters spread across the country who randomly select people to trap them in their nefarious designs. Some people are smart enough and do not fall prey but some greedy people become the easy victims to the ulterior motives of the gangs.

Nagpur Today talked to some victims who were the prized victims of these gangs. Prized because they lost money in lakhs. One Sadanand Kokate (Name changed) was so overwhelmed by the fact that he won the first prize of Pound 3 lakhs (Approx Rs 19 crore) of the London Olympics Lottery, the fictitious name adopted by the dubious gangs during Olympic Game being held in London. However, Sadanand Kokate was impressed by the name, and, also for “bagging” the first prize of the Lottery. This time, the tricksters directed him to first deposit Rs 70,000 as clearing charges in a particular account of a bank. The cheerful Sadanand implemented the directive and deposited the amount in the said account. The tricksters, too, immediately understood that the victim is being trapped. They then asked Sadanand to make a final payment of Rs 4.25 lakh for clearing the cheque, which, the tricksters stated, was lying in London Customs Office. However, since Sadanand was lacking of the big amount, who was eager to receive the Lottery money (He also wanted to keep the fact secret to himself) did not seek any advice from any friend or relative. Sadanand, brainwashed by the first prize of the Lottery, sold his house hurriedly for Rs 5.5 lakh (Which was actually valued at Rs 30 lakh even in 2012), and unfortunately, deposited the said amount of Rs 4.25 lakh in the fictitious account as told by the tricksters. Sadanand waited and waited for the prize money but developed cold feet as soon as he assumed he was cheated by the tricksters. Now, he is cursing himself for the tricky folly of which he became the victim.

Similarly, Kalyan Kumar Bante, Rajkumar Bhadbhunje (Names changed), too, were the prized victims of the same modus operandi adopted successfully by the “expert” gangs. Both lost a total of Rs 6.40 lakh. Actually speaking, they were not the victims of the tricksters. The tricksters were just a medium. The main reason for which Kalyan Kumar Bante, Rajkumar Bhadbhunje became victims is the Greed.

The cheating and robbing of innocent people have been going on and would go on with impunity. This is a continuous modes operandi of the gangs of tricksters.

However, what about the role of police. Are they have just become the mute spectators? Have police made any effort to curb the crime iron handedly? Or they are just registering the complaints of the victims? Has the Cyber Crime Cell of Nagpur police become hi-tech fashion instead of function? There are several questions or eyebrows could be raised over the efficiency of Nagpur police. The 24-odd police stations in Orange City must have registered dozens and dozens of such type of complaints. However, there is not a single example on part of the police to make public at large aware about the tricky, dirty, fraudulent business of the gangs operative across the nation in general and Nagpur in particular.

The thousands of policemen, and, even top bosses in Nagpur police, must have received the SMSes, emails or direct conversation with the tricksters who could have made efforts to trap the policemen, too, notwithstanding the persons the tricksters were aware of to whom they are talking to or sending SMSes or emails. The police, as a first step should have advertised in various local newspapers mentioning about the tricky deals indulged in by the gangs of tricksters thus creating awareness among people. The police should have erected banners, hoardings or notice boards at major squares appealing citizens not fall victims to the nefarious designs of the gangs and, even informing them about such type of SMSes, emails received by them from the anti-social elements.

The Nagpur police should have organized a programme on local TV channel and through that medium appealed the citizens to be aware of fraudulent activities of the gangs. And most importantly, the police themselves should have sent SMSes to all the citizens in this regard. The tricksters have not been given the birth right to send SMSes, emails to the people by them only. The Nagpur police could also do the same, albeit, in positive way. There were reports that some policemen, too, became victims of tricksters. The top bosses of Nagpur police must put their foot down and prepare fool-proof strategy to deal with such cases and save the innocent people from losing their hard-earned money. The citizens, too, should not fall prey to greed and the tricksters as well.