Published On : Fri, May 15th, 2015

Citizen Shocker: City Survey Officer missing from office

Most work of citizens get done in tea stalls and pan-kiosks near offices


Nagpur: People are ready to give their left hand to get a government job. They are ready to sell the gold ornaments and pay heavy bribes to get government jobs. This mad rush for government job is because there is stability, promotion opportunities and a decent pension after retirement.

However, once they get their job and serve a few years, they become complacent. They consider working as a favour done by them to the government. A similar scenario exists even in most of the government offices in the city. The City Survey office is no different. The officials arrive to the office on time, since there is a bio-metric attendance system which records their arrival and departure time. However, at least the male officials soon can be seen at the tea-stalls. This is followed by a visit to the pan-kiosk where they enjoy a cigarette or a Kharra (betel-nut, tobacco, lime, catechu mixture). They will then come to their seats and perform their duties with lethargy and lackadaisical and non-committal manner.

When it comes to their duty of performing a search for a register which has the name of the original owner, they simply ask the citizen to meet the broker who is often found near the entrance or near the pan-kiosks. They will receive bribe on behalf of the official and get a peon to search for the register.

On any given day, the scenario is that the citizens wait impatiently for the officials to arrive so that they can get their names registered in the city-survey register or to get some missing details or any other work.

Alert citizen, BJP activists, Philanthropher and Social Worker Subhash Kotecha posted on his facebook page on which he mentioned that he had gone to the City Survey office for some work. At around 12:28, the entire office was empty, i.e. no official was on his seat. He was waiting for officials for more than an hour, yet to no avail. Apart from him nearly 50 to 60 other citizens too were waiting impatiently for the officials.

Some of the others who were waiting outside claimed that most of the work is performed in the tea-stalls and the pan-kiosks. That is a place where they get their bribes and deliver the required documents too.

When Subhash Kotecha contacted and reported about the missing employees, the Chief Officer in-charge of the City Survey Office Thakre refused to comment on the issue. The in-charge claimed that he is on leave till May 17, 2015. Kotecha has posted in the facebook that he will be seeking an RTI reply on the attendance of the employees.