Published On : Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

Child dies in womb at NMC Hospital

In Mahal area, a child while in the womb died due to negligence on part of Sutikagruha NMC Hospital. Harish Nimwane’s wife Ranjana was in labour. Dr. Vinchurkar was treating her. After looking at the sonography reports, Vinchurkar said everything was alright and that it was only dehydration. He advised her to get admitted in the hospital for delivery. Then Dr. Joshi asked for another Sonography and after seeing the results said that everything was fine. At 9 in the night, the shift changed and Dr. Pallavi a newcomer filled in. Harish who was concerned kept asking Dr. Pallavi about Ranjana’a health. Dr. Pallavi on inquiry all was fine. Then in the morning today, a doctor told Harish that the hear of the child stop beating and that the child has died in the womb. Shocked by this news, Harish got bewildered and fought with the staff. He went and lodged a complaint against the hospital in the Kotwali police station. He said that if the operation had taken place in the night itself then the child could have survived. Last known, the doctors through operation were removing the dead child from the womb. According to information listed on NMC’s website, Nagpur Today tried to speak with Dr. Sangita Khandait whose name is listed against Sutika Gruh Hospital. Upon answering she said that she was not at the hospital, she was on a leave and cut the phone.