Published On : Tue, Jan 6th, 2015

Chief Minister Fadnavis meets with MIA , Hingna to resolv problems

10869790_782318795149655_458935592319571819_oMIDC, Hingna, which has about 800+ running industries and is over fifty years old now has been beset with many problems lately which had led to the closure of many units and others on the verge of becoming sick. One of these issues was the new RRZ (River policy) that if implemented would have ‘killed’ 200+ MIA industries which are situated  in the vicinity of the Nag Nallah and which together employ over 10,000 work force.

Nagpur Today has been in the forefront of addressing these issues through our exclusive feature stories.

So it gives up great pleasure and pride in being the first newspaper to report that the CM, Devendra Fadnavis met with MIA office bearers whose delegation was headed by their President Captain Randhir and immediately passed orders that will redress many of their issues.

These issues were as follows:
Fund to tide over the Common Effluent plant impasse – It is mandatory for any industrial estate to have a common effluent treatment plant to treat waste liquids from member industries. For the lack of such a plant, for the last few years Hingna industries have been sending their waste / effluents to Butibori where treatment facility exists. The unfortunate industries who were affected were spending thousands of Rupees on transportation with the treatment cost being hardly Rs. 400/ per tanker. Putting up such a common facility was going to cost minimum Rs. 12.5 crores. Now the Central Govt  offers subsidies for such a facility but with a cap on the limit. Thus MIA was going to get about Rs. 4.5 crores from the Centre and another 2 crore from the State which was still leaving them short of atleast 5-6 crores which would have to be divided between the small and medium industries and was putting too much of a burden so the project did not take off. Now finally the CM has come to their rescue and promised to bridge the gap by giving an additional Rs. 5 crores from the state’s Critical Infrastructure fund which will leave the industries to raise less than one crore which is manageable and the facility can finally be built.


Another demand of the Association was raising the salaries on which professional tax is to be paid from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000. These days skilled labour, technicians all earn over Rs. 10,000 monthly salaries. For them to bear the burden of paying professional tax which is deducted  as a mandatory from their salaries was too much of a burden and in many cases the employers had to compensate for it by underwriting the cost. The CM has agreed to raise the limit to Rs. 15,000/ as demanded by the industries. This will benefit all concerned in Maharashtra.

The CM has also promised to pass a GR exempting pre existing companies from the RRZ policy fall out which would have ensured closure of many companies for lack of permission of  any expansion/ alteration plans or renewal of their manufacturing license too. This will give relief to not only MIDC Hingna industries but others affected in Nasik and Mumbai areas too.

The MIA association expressed gratitude for the CM’s timely intervention and co operation. Santa Claus has finally delivered on his promises – if not for Christmas than at least New Year.