Published On : Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Chief Manager of Central Bank, Staff beaten up by enraged borrower; Sustains grievous injuries

The Bank staff, two cameras and bank vehicle’s windscreen smashed by mob in an attempt to prevent the bank officials from doing their job.

Chief Manager Arup Kumar Mondal taken to Police station after receiving first aid
: Banks are facing legal hurdles while recovering bad loans. The non-performing assets or bad loans of banks are reaching new heights and the lenders are finding loan recovery difficult due to legal and procedural hurdles too.

In a daring act of arrogance and lawlessness, a borrower who had failed to repay the loans he had borrowed from Central Bank of India, Friends Colony Branch, he beat-up and entered into physical altercation with the bank officials who had gone to his house for taking possession of his house.

The borrower identified as Ashok Singh had borrowed a sum of Rs ten lakhs mortgaging his house to Central Bank of India, Friends Colony Branch. Since the outstanding amount was Rs thirteen lakhs (with the interest), the bank had sent notice requesting him to repay the amount 60 days ago.

On September 17, 2014, when Ashok Singh had come to the Central Bank, he was informed by the Chief Manager that following the due procedure, the bank authorities with symbolically takes possession of the house.

On September 18, 2014, a team consisting of Chief Manager Arup Kumar Mondal, two Branch Managers, one business facilitator, one cameraman who takes still photography, one cameraman who takes Video-photography and the driver had gone to the borrower’s flats (Two-adjacent flats) in Friends Colony.

As per the procedure, they had pasted the possession notice on the doors of both the flats. After finishing the pasting, when they started to get down the narrow staircase, suddenly a mob of 10-15 men and women attacked the bank staff. They snatched the cameras and broke it to pieces (The cops could not even find the pieces at the time of panchanama). The Bank staff allegedly claimed that the borrower, his wife, his son and a few other people were part of the mob. The staff somehow escaped from the scene after receiving blows and kicks. The mob had smashed the car’s windscreen in which the driver’s right eye sustained injuries. His right eye is reported to have a clot. The Business Facilitator too had sustained a lot of blows and kicks. However, he too managed to escape from the clutches of the mob. The cameras (still photography camera and video camera) costing around four lakhs is broken and is presently missing.
Chief Manager Arup K Mondal at IGGMC receiving treatment
Unfortunately, the Chief Manager of the Central Bank of India Arup Kumar Mondal was captured by the mob and had to suffer kicks, blows and punches. The mob repeatedly kicked him and punched him and forced him to write a letter claiming that he had gone to Ashok Singh’s house with wrong intentions.

He was badly wounded till now and was bleeding profusely. By then the Bank staff who had managed to escape from the mob, contacted the police through Number 100. Only when the cops arrived did they rescue the Chief Manager from the clutches of the mob. The cops took him to the Gittikhadan police-station for recording statement. However, noticing that he was profusely bleeding, the cops took Arup Mondal to Mayo Hospital (IGGMC) for treatment. The Doctors are alleged to have said that Arup Mondal has sustained 1.5 inches deep wound on his head, his nose bone is broken and several blunt force trauma.
The Gittikhadan police have registered a case against Ashok Singh, his wife, his son and other members of the mob and are investigating.