Published On : Tue, Aug 11th, 2015

Chief justice of Bombay High Court given warm farewell

d242712-largeNagpur: Judiciary has an important responsibility of fulfilling expectations of society and all necessary efforts are being made to achieve this objective, opined chief justice of Bombay High Court Mohit Shah.

Chief justice Mohit Shah is retiring in September month. Before that, he had come to Nagpur city along with his wife Nita Shah. Chief justice Shah was felicitated by High Court Bar Association, Nagpur, by presenting shawl, shreephal and memento. He was speaking while replying to his felicitation. He said, ”Society wants justice on time and with less expenditure.

To fulfill this expectation, role of technology will be important. The e-court started in the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court is next step in implementation of technology in judiciary. Nagpur bench is the best in implementation of technology.” Chief justice Shah was also praise for love and hospitality extended by Nagpurians and expertise of lawyers in second capital.

He also said that he won”t forget love and respect he got in Nagpur city. Administrative judge justice Bhushan Gavai, justice Vasanti Naik, justice Arun Chaudhary, justice Ashok Bhangale, justice Prasanna Wairale, justice Pradeep Deshmukh, justice Z A Haq, justice Atul Chandurkar, justice Anant Badar, justice Indira Jain, Nagpur bench”s registrar (administration) A S Rajandekar, registrar (judicial) V K Yavalkar, additional solicitor general Rohit Deo, government pleader Bharti Dangre, and other lawyers were present in the programme held at the Nagpur bench”s auditorium.

President of High Court Bar Association, Nagpur Adv Arun Patil, secretary Adv Shraddhanand Bhutada, Adv Ajay Mohgaonkar, Adv Anil Thakre, Adv Archana Ramteke, Adv Radhika Bajaj, Adv Anup Dangore and others worked hard for the success of the programme.

Inauguration of e-court

Before felicitation function, e-court was inaugurated at the hands of Chief Justice Mohit Shah. Along with this, e-court has become functional in Nagpur bench after Bombay High Court and Auangabad bench. According to proposal of Supreme Court, e-committee formed by Union ministry, presented national policy and action plan for implementation of information and technology in judiciary in the year 2005. According to this report, e-court concept is being implemented in phases. There are many objectives like making judiciary more efficient, bringing transparency in judiciary, giving timely justice to people, increasing number and standard of courts, etc are behind this concept.

Golden period for HC: Justice Gavai

The tenure of chief justice Mohit Shah is golden period for Bombay High Court. A chief justice like him is very polite and always open to help. His doors are always open to lawyers in case of any help, said administrative justice Bhushan Gavai while speaking during programme.

He also said that petitioners will be able to get speedy justice due to implementation of technology in the judiciary. Atul Chandurkar has become first e-court justice in the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court. E-court has been created in his court. Chandurkar was appointed as additional justice on June 21, 2013. He was born on April 7, 1965. After completing LLB, he started practice from July 21, 1988. During practice, he has handled various types of cases. There was crowd of lawyers in the court to see how e-court working is done Atul Chandurkar is first e-justice