Published On : Thu, May 28th, 2020

Checkmate – How The BJP Won And Lost Maharashtra

Politics has always been treated as Blood , Back & Brain of civilized society and Political issues & affairs are hot topic of interest among class and mass equally. The New Bullet to the Gun of Political Commentary is been shot in the form of Book Checkmate: How the BJP Won and Lost Maharashtra. Published by Penguin.The book written by Sudhir Suryawanshi , who is an eminent Journalist and known for his Socio – Political writings .

The Book takes its readers through the twists and turns of the dramatic political crisis that unfolded as Maharashtra waited for its chief minister.What really went on behind the scenes?With access to inside sources and private conversations, this book reveals the hitherto untold story of this political drama, with a comprehensive overview of the state’s politics in the last few decades.

Though , the nucleus of Books content revolves around last quarter of 2019 , Topsy-turvy political drama , but it has an interesting underline of back stage hazard& Happenings . The Rollercoaster Political exercise which was beyond the calculations and imagination of many Political Chanakyas & Press Pandits marked the culmination of a high-voltage political drama that had the entire nation glued to their television sets for days on end. With no party being able to claim a majority in the assembly, President’s Rule was imposed in the state.

The Author has compiled the various events and happenings in form of interesting Commentary. The vivid articles flooded at that time finds its reflection here. At various points the Author seems to encash the creative liberty , to present the events more spicy and sporty. It was herculean task to manage the bridge of balance communication between , Delhi & – Mumbai ( Centre & State ), but the author has shown his skilled journalistic Craftsmanship in maintaining fine balance.

Though , among multi-starrer political Avengers , Sharad Pawar is portrayed more like new Iron Man . The series of events regarding the rise Of Udhav Thackeray , Ravishing role of Sanjay Raut , Above all revolt of Ajit Pawar and his secret coalition with Devendra Phadnavis is most exciting part of the book , which gives a feeling of thrill and excitement like mystery Novel to its reader. The Dark Chase , Horse trading , Treachery – Treason , political legends & Legacy , calculations & Miscalculations all ingredients makes The Checkmate a must read for all those ‘Katta readers’ who loves the flavour and colour of politics as their discussion diet.

The Book is not Biographical Sketch or Essays like the famous compilation- ‘ Yeshwantrao te Vilasrao ‘& ‘Panditji te Atalji’ by eminent Journalist Vishwas Mehendale , who efficiently. Presented Chief Ministers & Prime Ministers Personae in profoud manner. Unlike it , Check-Mate is concious Commentary of pre & Post political landslide which took in 2019 Maharashtra assembly Poll . Though the Book May not be classified for Coffee Table collection but will be treat for Tea Time Talk , May not be for Civil Services preparation but for political orientation .

The Checkmate surely serves to Answer the Anxious questions gathering of many minds who are directly or indirectly affected by the Politics. Indeed , a fresh treat from the close corridor of power, it will surely serve as ready reckoner for 2019 Maharashtra Politics. In present Pandemic situation also , the tug of war & Political tussle is again active making things more perplexed. Checkmate will really help in understanding the backdrop of all above tryst and worthy reading work amidst the Lock Down.

Book Review By : Dr. VikramSingh Pachlore
(The Analyst is an eminent Behavioural Scientist , Psephologist , Neurologist , Critic & Thinker )

About The Author

Sudhir Suryawanshi is a journalist from Maharashtra who has been writing on the politics of the state for the past fifteen years. He has worked with DNA, Mumbai Mirror and Free Press Journal among others. He is presently assistant editor at the New Indian Express.