Published On : Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

Chanting Ram Naam with a clean mind of utmost importance in Kaliyuga

Nagpur: Continuing the journey with the motive of removing hypocrisy from the society, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji reached Lahore city, where Guruji came across a Brahmin meditating. The Brahmin laid a clean sheet on the floor and sat with Tilak on his head. In one hand, he held a bell, and a Maala in the other. He had closed his eyes, but his whole attention was on Maaya (money). Omniscient Guruji immediately knew what was in his mind. Guruji asked, “For whom are you meditating? The Shaligram is kept before you. We meditate when the idol is not there in front of us. But the idol of Shaligram is right in front of you. Then why have you closed your eyes?” The hypocritical Brahmin said, “You do not know that when I worship God, I gain knowledge of the whole world.” Saying this, he shut his eyes again, because his main motive was to gain money from people by showing his fake devotion. As the people used to keep their money seeing him meditate, his greed for money was growing. He started attracting the attention of people by fake devotion.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji made the idol and its Takhat (seat) disappear with his powers, to teach the Brahmin a lesson of correct worship. After a while, Brahmin opened his eyes again and was shocked to find both Thakur’s idol and Takhat missing. The Brahmin started asking everyone about the idol and his money, but nobody told him! Then Guruji himself asked the Brahmin, “Brahmin Ji! Is everything all right?” He said, “Oh Saint! The idol of my Shaligram along with its seat, containing my money, is missing. There was a lot of money in that seat. Nobody is telling me about its whereabouts. If you know, then please tell me.” Guruji said, “You have knowledge of the whole world. Meditate and you can quite easily locate the idol and the seat with the money.” Listening to Guruji’s words, the Brahmin thought that he knew something. Then he left the hypocrisy and told the truth to Guruji that he was pretending all the time to fill his stomach. He made a living by lying to people, or meditating, so that his family could survive. He prayed to Guruji to reveal the whereabouts if he knew. Guruji said that he had become habituated to hypocrisy, if he left the pretense and started worshipping God with a genuine mind, then all his wishes shall be accomplished of its own. The Brahmin said that he could not work in this Kaliyuga, without hypocrisy. Guruji said, “If you had the knowledge of the world, then you should have known that the place where you are seated, there is a lot of wealth below it. You will get it. If you dig the land, you can yourself see it.” When the greedy Brahmin heard this, he immediately started digging and saw that there was really a lot of treasure, under the land on which he was sitting. He began to wonder and asked Guruji, “Who has kept the treasure here?” Guruji replied by uttering the following Shabad in Raag Dhanasari:

“Kaal Naahi Jog Naahi Naahi Sat Ka Dhabu. Thaansat Jag Bharista Hoe Doobta Iva Jagu. Kal Mahi Ram Naam Saar. Akhee Ta Meetahi Naak Pakadahi Thagan Kau Sansaar.” (Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Pg. 96)

That is, the entire world is going away from God, and becoming atheist and corrupt. The whole world is full of lies and hypocrisy. Chanting the name of God with a clean mind is of utmost importance in Kaliyuga.

Guruji began to explain that the whole world is living for money. But everybody leaves the money for others. A person’s money became somebody else’s money after he died. After him, someone else will have it, and tomorrow it will go to some other person. The Brahmin got knowledge from the teachings of Guruji and became a complete Saint. Folding his hands, he fell at the feet of Guruji and requested, “Oh Lord! I have come to your shelter. Forgive all my sins.” Guruji said, “Now you have got a lot of money, for which you used to deceive others. All your previous sins are now forgiven, but now onwards you should be a true devotee.” Saying this, Guruji returned the Shaligram and money, and asked him to meditate with utmost devotion and a clear mind. In this way, the Brahmin became a disciple of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and adopted the teachings of Guruji in his life, thereby making his life successful.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who showed the path of truth and Satnaam, was born on Kartik Purnima Samvat 1526, this year the equivalent English date of which is 4th November 2017, Saturday. Our whole hearted salutes to such a great soul on his Jayanti!