Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2020

Change is the only constant

The Responsive Classroom Approach creates an ideal environment for learning- every teacher should know about it.” – Daniel Goleman

The recent episode of CC Fridays started on this very note. Ms. Humera Khan, a Pre- Primary Educator from DPS Lava, Nagpur shared some of the amazing time management strategies that she implemented in creating a constructive classroom. She spoke about the importance of ‘Pre- Classroom Planning’ and routines to be followed during the class. She also highlighted the use of virtual incentives like stars, laddoos, cupcakes, for it kept her students motivated and helped them to stay on task.

Ms. Tulika Chakrabarty, a Middle School Math and Physics Educator from DPS, Varanasi advocated the idea of keeping things simple.

Ms. Deepa Sachdeva, a Middle School English Educator from DPS, Nashik talked about how the use of emojis in her Google classroom made it more colourful, attractive, and delightful for the students.

Every episode of CC Fridays completely justifies Robert Collier’s quote, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”,