Published On : Sat, Jun 13th, 2020

Champions of Change – Episode 4

The last decade has witnessed overwhelming change in almost all domains. What had not changed was probably the education system. But COVID 19 has played catalyst and today we see a system that is absolutely in step with Generation Z.

Teachers have reinvented themselves, and embraced technology with zest. They are collaborating and sharing generously and learning from one another. The fourth episode of Champions of Change – an initiative by Delhi Public School Varanasi, Nashik and Lava Nagpur – showcased how teachers in these schools are changing the definition of student engagement and transacting lessons. Three teachers, one from each school demonstrated how tools can be used innovatively and creatively.

Ms. AartiPathak, a Primary educator at DPS Lava Nagpur, demonstrated how tools like Bookwidgets,, Google Slides can be used to introduce and recapitulate lessons through Jigsaw Puzzles, Word search, Split worksheets,Drag and Drop Activities and Group Activities. Canva can be used to create e-certificates, e-cards, appreciation badges that motivate and inspire students to become more interactive and engage with the class. Snap Camera can help the teacher create interesting backgrounds for her slides, videos and add to their appeal.

Ms. SunandaPandey, a Middle Wing Science Educator at DPS Varanasi, shared the amazing involvement of students of grades VI,VII and VIII in the Applied Digital Skills Project launched by the school in May 2020. Students used Google Docs, Google Forms and Google Drawings to create Guessing Games, a Promotional Flyer and an awareness programme on Cyber Bullying. The project is not just teaching students new technical skills but also soft skills like collaboration, critical thinking, team work and problem solving.

Ms. ShireenSayyed, an Educator with the Senior Secondary Wing at DPS Nashik, gave a deep dive into how Google Sites support collaboration and could be used to create a Newsletter, student portfolios, subject projects, recap activities and even digital lessons among other things. The tool helps integrate material, present it novel ways and publish it easily.

The teachers of the three schools look forward to this weekly hour of intense learning, full of wonderful takeaways that will add value to their virtual classrooms.

The Directors of the three schools launched a competition for all the Science, Math and EVS teachers – Are You a Thought Provoker. Entries have been invited from all and all were urged to start ‘thinking’.