Challenges before new Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar

Shravan Hardikar

Shravan Hardikar


Former Chief Executive Officer of National Livelihood Mission (NLM), Mumbai, Shravan Pramod Hardikar has since assumed charge as the new Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur city, while the outgoing Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Shyam Wardhane has been transferred to the post of Chairman of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT).

The new NMC Chief Shravan Hardikar claimed that he will try to fulfill the responsibilities of the NMC chief to the best of his ability.

Some experts and prominent citizens of the city told Nagpur Today and have expressed their opinions on the challenges that lay open before new Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar.

  1. The new commissioner will have to completely reform the age old system of tax collection. So that 100 % recovery is achieved. The collected amount could be used for development works and basic amenities.
  2. The new NMC boss will have to ensure quality facilities at NMC markets with stress on timely and proper tax recovery.
  3. The Town Planning Department requires crack-down on dubious affairs being run in Maps Sanctioning Department and other allied departments. Tough action is needed against illegal mobile towers which are in great numbers.
  4. Proper marking and utilization of NMC land is required.
  5. Most of the NMC employees who are working in other departments other than their original ones will have to be transferred back to their parent departments so that the proportion of work is properly allocated.
  6. Saplings are planted in lakhs, but only hundreds survive. People’s participation in these programmes especially watering the plants is vital for the survival of the planted saplings.
  7. The stinking and polluting atmosphere in the areas near Bhandewadi Dumping Zone will have to be controlled, so that residents of nearby areas get fresh air.
  8. The Octroi evaders of the past should be penalized ten-folds.
  9. Contractors who are working on lower rates should be asked to provide quality work.
  10. Sanitation workers should be barred from taking private jobs.