Published On : Tue, Aug 20th, 2019

Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83 Rahul Agrawala says he intends to take each month as it comes

Nagpur: an exclusive interview to Nagpur Today, Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83, Rahul Agrawala said that recently the Annual General Meeting was held and all members of Round Table-83 attended it and not only participated in it but worked hard to organize the Change Over Banquet with zeal and enthusiasm.
While speaking about the plans for Round Table-83, he said that he wants to keep it simple and enjoy the services that we (Round Table India) provides through the movement for the society at large. He added that once we achieve that, work (for the vision of Freedom Through Education) will automatically be done. He claimed that he strongly believes in the above concept.

Nagpur Today: Have you fixed any targets for this year?
Rahul Agrawala said that there are no targets fixed and no prefixed visions. He claimed that the Round Table India’s movement belongs to the Table and so they will decide where and what we want to take up forward.
When asked how Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83, Rahul Agrawala and his Table intend to do during crisis situation or relief work undertaken during natural calamities, he said that the Tablers are motivated enough and so they will do their best. That is why he does not have any prefixed visions. He added that he intends to take each month as it comes.

Rahul Agrawala said that Round Table India is in the process of finalizing a Project for a long-term goal as part of the Freedom Through Education. Till such time, all our efforts will be directed into community service in whatever manner we can contribute. In the Community Service, there is no long term goal so we intend to take every month as it comes. This also helps in other aspects too. Our focus this year is more on fund raising to a substantial amount so that whenever, we identify a project, we can do justice to it.

When asked about the Round Table India Square on Mount Road, Sadar and the way it is in poor condition, Rahul Agrawala said that that is very much on our radar and they intend to get it organized and properly maintained. He claimed that when it is properly maintained, it becomes a fitting monument to our organization.

While speaking about the newly elected Office-bearers, Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83, Rahul Agrawala said that they are a young lot with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, commitment and newer ideas towards community service and taking this movement forward to greater heights.

Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83, Rahul Agrawala who was also the Convenor for the Change Over Banquet(COB) said that the event organized at Radisson Blu went about flawlessly and with clock-wise precision. He claimed that nearly 210 Tablers and Circlers from all over India attended the event. He added that they also had Tablers from Nepal and Mauritius attending the event. He said proudly that in order to add Nagpur flavour to the event, they had offered local famous cuisine including Saoji dishes, Matka Rotis, street-food from Itwari for the participants which they relished a lot. Rahul was also conferred with Presidents Star for the flawless execution of the COB by Tr Piyush Daga President RTI 19-20.