Published On : Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

CBSE students start a new chapter for achieving excellence in open-book exams in 2014

Nagpur News.

In a new step to curb rote learning, and to evaluate analytical and theoretical skills, CBSE has launched the Open Book Examinations for the students of IXth, Xth & XIth students from this year. Sources in local schools say that teachers of CBSE schools have already started preparing the students for the open book examination. They added that the board has already sent them the sample question papers expected answers. A teacher from one of the reputed schools in the city added that they have already started discussing the probable topics in the class rooms.

The CBSE board ha recently decided to evaluate students’ analytical and theoretical skills, in a move to discourage the students from rote memorization. The Board has allocated 15% to 20% of marks in subjects to questions based on textual material.

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This mode of assessment will be applicable to all subjects for Class IXth students and Economics, Biology and Geography in Class XIth in the March 2014 summative assessment or annual examinations.

The textual material, which could be an article, case study, diagram, problem or realistic situation which is related to concepts dealt in the syllabus. The material is already given to students in many schools so that they have time to discuss it in the class.

The heads of many city schools said that the new idea would challenge students and teachers. In any board examinations, those who can memorize the contents of the textbook stand a good chance of scoring high marks. However, this move will compel students to use their analytical skills.

Teachers are expected to play the role of facilitator who encourages students to participate in discussions and push them into the practice of Critical thinking.

However when Nagpur Today spoke to the parents of a few students of CBSE, they said that in this competitive world, open book will certainly relieve tension. But obsession with marks will continue to remain in the minds of parents and students. Since it is the only merit based result which the colleges are putting the cut off marks and where employers are looking for better read and knowledgeable employee based on marks, and even government too harps for merit based positions based on marks.

If the CBSE wants to avoid the anxiety factor, it has to make it public knowledge and introduce it in all the schools of all boards.

An irate parent went on to say that ask CBSE to tell recruiters, to over look marks. All school and colleges must admit the student with even pass marks on first come first serve basis.