Published On : Thu, May 28th, 2015

CBSE declares results of SSC in 7 point grade system

CBSE 10th result  (1)

Confusion reigns supreme in the CBSE Board Office as the Central Board of Secondary Education decided to declare the results of the SSC Xth Class examinations based on the UGC Seven Point Grading System. Results were declared on a total grades and grade point average.


Marks Grade       Grade Point                            Grade Points Final Grade

75 to 100              O: Outstanding     06               05.00-6.0    O

65 to 74                A: Very Good      05               04.50-4.99  A

55 to 64                B: Good               04               03.50-4.49 B

50 to 54                C: Average           03               02.50-3.49 C

45 to 49                D: Satisfactory     02               01.50-2.49 D

40 to 44                E: Pass                 01               00.50-1.49 E

00 to 39                F: Fail                   00               00-00-0.49 F

The board shifted the onus of declaring the exact percentage and the list of toppers to the individual schools. This Grade Point system has its own merits too. The student’s marks are converted into grade points. Therefore any student scoring any marks from the minimum to maximum of a particular grade point gets the grade only. This system will definitely reduce the disparity in the toppers and the toppers getting all the limelight.

The schools which follow the CBSE pattern will now have to find out the number of students getting “O” Grade Points in order to find out the school toppers.

CBSE 10th result  (3)
CBSE website crashes

The results of the CBSE which were declared in their official websites and got crashed twice. The students had to face many other problems too since as the traffic grew on the web-sites, the system took a long time to access the results or the websites.

Delay in getting to know the results
The results were declared somewhere at around 1 pm. However, the students, anxious, tensed parents and the school authorities could know about the results only at around 4 pm.  The results were supposed to have been declared on May 27, 2015. However, the results were deferred by a day due to some technical difficulties.

Schools authorities too face problems
When the students or the parents could not know the results on their Personal Computers at home, they rushed to their respective schools. At the schools too, the school authorities expressed their helplessness in declaring the results. This is because the web-site crashed often and when it did get connected, it was very slow because of the traffic.

CBSE 10th result  (2)
Results declared in the CGPA system
The CBSE declares its results in the Cumulative Grade Point Average. This is the first time that the CBSE Board decided to declare the results in the grades instead of the marks. However, the school authorities claimed that the board will be sending the results in marks after two days. After that only things will be more clear about the toppers etc.